Wake Up, People!


Dihydrogen monoxide is sprayed on crops and government does NOTHING!!! WHY?! Maybe because they want to kills us all?


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  1. I’m sure the Trump supports are all over this.

    • I’m sure Trump is made of 95% dihydrogen-monoxide. The other 4% are heated carbon-dioxide and 1% hydrogen sulfide.

    • PatronasKitty7 August 28, 2016

      This is worse than ‘nursery water’… (Water w/ added fluoride… for babies.)

    • Did you mean “Trump supportERs”? Because “Trump supports” makes no sense.
      But please do go on with your insinuations about the intelligence of Trump folks…it’s quite entertaining!

    • Only the Trump support(ers) or people smarter than you. Which is basically 98% of the population.

  2. Cats > Water

    • Water > cats. Just test that by throwing a bucket of water on a cat and see how it reacts. Water wins.

  3. If you think dihydrogen monoxide is dangerous wait til you find out about dioxygen. It’s not flammable, it’s responsible for flammability!

  4. TorExitNode40 August 28, 2016

    Dihydrogen monoxide in gaseous form causes heating of our atmosphere more than carbon dioxide. Yet, no one is racing to ban this dangerous substance. George Sorros are you listing!

  5. It's a jeep thing.... August 28, 2016

    Nice…you had me for a second! Lololol!

  6. How about its evil twin Oxygen-dihydride!

  7. This is nothing but H2o,Dihydrogen Monoxide is the proper name for water,we drink it daily.

  8. Callmelennie August 30, 2016

    But if H20 and dihydrogen monoxide are synonymous; that would mean dihydrogen monoxide is everywhere!! My God, the situation is far worse than than even the alarmists realize!! there’s literally no escaping it

  9. jimmy rustled September 6, 2016

    you are a quick one…

  10. The Logical Psycho September 13, 2016

    Dihydrogen Monoxide…urghh!
    I really hate it, my current host body keeps drinking it and urinating it out and drinking it again. Why doesn’t he just store it in?
    senseless crap ..

  11. MrWInterfell December 16, 2017

    If you like dihydrogen monoxide, then you already like about 70% of me

  12. Anonymous June 9, 2019

    100% of all serial killers have drunk dihydrogen monoxide.

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