Stunning Examples of Terrible Design



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  1. @Golf Ball, explanation: Winter Golf on Snow.
    I’d pick an orange ball, though.

  2. Bubba and Joe Bob July 18, 2016

    That first pitcher is of Joe Bob’s sink. He was shaving a cat and got the hair all over the place. Had to go to the hospital shortly after he finished. The kid looking out the peep hole is Joe Bob’s nephew. Joe Bob put it that low so the kid could check who was at the door. Works Gud!

  3. Pretty obvious the last one’s ‘modified’. I wonder where the original grate went, since those loose re-bar sections are just sitting on the lip. I hope it was just for the photo and they put it back right when they were done…real road grating disasters are common enough without someone setting a trap.

  4. Cats > Failed Designs (i.e dogs)

  5. You’re welcome on pointing out the design error after the picture was posted.

  6. What’s the problem with the pedestrian crossing point? You have a path approaching from the left, a bit of missing sidewalk and then the sidewalk picks up, wrapped around the corner of the building on the right. Sure, nobody is going to **drive** there but you mark it anyway so nobody will block it.
    As for the office window–I’ve seen something like that. The original huge rooms were divided in two.

    • Dave Herringfeet August 4, 2016

      The pedestrian crossing point used to be on a roadway that’s been blocked off. Pointless picture, without any merit.

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