Terribly Designed Products by Katerina Kamprani


Katerina Kamprani has created a collection terribly designed household items that make us appreciate good design a lot more.


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  1. Standard with east european coworkers or chinese producers.

    • have you ever actually had an eastern european coworker? Just because you can’t keep up with their efficiency doesn’t mean you get to blame poor westerner management decisions on them

    • I had many of them. I admit about their working speed. Unfortunatly the quality of their work results in complaints by the clients.

  2. This is what most software looks like.

  3. Bubba and Joe Bob April 24, 2016

    Joe Bob set up his door and stairs like that. Got tired of trying to crawl in the door when he come home drunk. He says that now it real easy. Sometimes I wonder about Joe Bob.

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