An Actual Deleted Scene From Rocky (1976)


This movie came out so long ago that you probably think that you already know everything there’s to know about it. But you would be wrong. The dialogue “Why don’t boxers have sex before a big fight? They don’t like each other.” really did happen. The proof is right here!

Why don't boxers have sex before a big fight? They don't like each other.


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  1. But they have so much in common :(

  2. Canadiansrgay February 23, 2023

    Canadians would do it.

  3. They will in the netflix remake. Also Rocky will be a black non-binary trans birthing person.

  4. Typical dialogue from that pint sized actor. Yap it up with a Brooklyn accent, and
    think you’re tough. Napoleon syndrome.
    Putin is another short assed runt thinking he is tough.

  5. Zelenski. But ya F Ukraine.

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