Dear God…


Your neighbors were dismembered and sacrificed on an altar made of antlers. Dear God... Most likely, yes.


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  1. Dan Andrews November 6, 2021

    This is not believable as the security forces in Oz wear hazmat suits when harassing the subjects.

  2. Deep red states can’t keep their people safe. Covid deaths. Killed by frost. Deadly music festivals. Gun violence.

    • I wouldn’t worry to much about that. Next year the entire country will be run by the Red and the Blue run slaughter cities will be saved from the maoist Leftist nut bags. Can’t wait.

    • Red, the color of communism, marxism, socialism, maoism. Think about that…

  3. How else do you think Santa gets reindeer to fly? A few human sacrifices to the Deer God must be made, if everyone is to get presents on time. 🦌🎅

    • No. Santa uses horse/human hybrids like mohammad did when you flew to the moon 🌙. Unless your claiming that didn’t happen..

    • It’s written in a holy book. So it must have happen. Or do you suggest holy books aren’t true?

  4. Not me. No way. I like my head where it is.

  5. Yes those Christian beheadings are are happening… no where.

    • There are other ways, less primitive but even more sinister, to kill someone.

  6. Threat of violence. Ring, ring… hello FBI?

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