Gallery of Kim Jong-un Looking at Things



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  1. Lolfosor May 5, 2016

    North Korea is best Korea!

  2. Wait, isn’t he rooking at things?

    • Italiano Medio May 5, 2016

      You are right, they obviously misspelled it.

  3. Is that a N Korean state approved haircut that I am looking at on Kim?

    • Actually May 5, 2016

      Only Kim Jong-Un allowed to sport that haircut.

    • Pretty sure if you went up to that guy as a mid 30’s man looking to brown nose, they’d never see you again. If your child got that haircut your family would get a free trip to the salt mines for a couple generations.

  4. Gregor Kanth May 7, 2016

    Important! Use your notepad frequently when this douchebag is present, or else!

  5. I appreciate him because he closely follow up each sector development on the floor.

  6. Boy he likes that engine lube!

  7. Unlooking is not good, use not looking!

  8. Weightwatchers must be illegal in North Korea. And other diets too but eating more than too much must be encouraged and rewarded?
    Or are they born fat and ugly?

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