How Political Correctness Is Killing Comedy


15 thoughts on “How Political Correctness Is Killing Comedy”

  1. The ONLY thing that kills comedy is when it’s not funny.

  2. That’s why Chris Rock stopped playing college campuses…

  3. Liberals hoisted on their own petard.
    Funny when yer doin’ it to everybody else….

  4. Case in point.

  5. Everyone has the right to be offended. The real problem is that most people now are afraid of being offensive.

  6. Yep.

  7. A jew, a muslim and a german go into an english pub…

  8. We find your comment quite offending. We are all individuals.

  9. A politically correct person walked into a bar. The normal person walked under it.

  10. Not bad, man. Not bad.

  11. How low can you go?

  12. Schroedinger’s Cat walked into a bar…or did it?

  13. Both. Until you open the door and take a look.

  14. >heavily implying that top comedians give a plough.
    Only first-timers and amateurs don’t have the balls to be politically incorrect.

  15. With.

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