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  1. Religion is cultivated hypicracy.

  2. I’m not religious but why make fun of it?

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter February 24, 2019

      Because it’s stupid bullsh*t from the bronze age.

    • @David: Because it makes some people feel superior, and with their intelligence and education that is the only way that they CAN feel superior.

  3. The weak minded and those who are afraid the religious teachings may be true need to bolster their (non ?) beliefs with derision and mockery lest they find that it was all real shortly after passing over.

    While I may not believe everything taught, I expect there is some truth and do not make fun of others beliefs. Note this is submitted on a Sunday – a Holy Day by Christian beliefs which in this case is pure coincidence.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter February 24, 2019

      All a non-believer has to fear is the believers.

    • True. A non-believer doesn’t even fear death. Just dying. That’s why believers came up with the worst and slowest torture and killing methods in history in the name of their gods.

    • Occam’s razor vs Pascal’s wager.

    • “All a non-believer has to fear is the believers.”

      Not true, a non-believer has to fear the non-believers just as much as believers. Then again you haven’t defined the difference between non-believer and believer.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter February 24, 2019

      Australian statistics show atheists are less violent and criminal in comparisson with religious people. Most dangerious group are the convertites.
      If you base your morals on religion they are worth nothing once you change your god. That’s why you can always trust an atheist to be true to his morals. He is moral by logic and compassion where the believer will only be moral as long as he is afraid of the wrath of his god. And don’t forget there are a lot of backdoors in religion and ways to buy your way around morals. – Interestingly even the bible tells you this if you read between the lines.

    • The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut February 25, 2019

      Why should I not make fun of a religion, any religion? Why should religion has to e excluded from scrutiny, ridicule or mockery? And why get some believers so pissed up about this. If all this is true the man in the sky will punish me and save them – so what’s the problem.

  4. …might this rather be about Donald’s Anti-Mexican crusade?

  5. Eugenics, especially the relatively recent version of the 20th century was based on science was embraced by numerous governments and political organizations. No religion involved but based on logic, compassion and scientific theory. How’d that work out? How many millions killed?

    • Dammit, why did this not attach to the correct thread?

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter February 25, 2019

      Those “governments and organzations” you mention were all strong in christian believe or in a pseudo-religious state of their ethical system. So the same rules apply as for religion. Calling them atheistic is a false thesis based on the wrong assumtion that everything opposing the established organized belief system is an atheistic act. Though only a god is exchanged for a god-like leader. Best recent example is North-Korea where the “beloved leader” shows all attributes of a deity.

    • Talk about bad whatabousim and avoiding the issue. Eugenics was not religion-based nor was any govt thinking who embraced it. The nazis and Marxism were/are both anti-religion and very effective in killing people while rationalizing their ideology. North Korea is in any way religious?


    • Atheist Freedom Fighter February 25, 2019

      National Socialism and Stalinism were anti-your-religion maybe. The goal of these systems is to replace religion based on a deity and focus on an uber leader. It’s about power, control and money – of course. Both nazism and stalinism use the same methods and mechanism as religion to control and unite members of the cult under one banner. Huge social gatherings, strict rituals, idols and so on. That’s why they are called pseudo-religions. They just exchange one dogmatic belief system with another. And like religions they had their scapegoats to blame and kill in large numbers – like the christian churches had witches and jews. This has nothing to do with real atheism. On the contrary.
      Aside from that did Hitler identified himself as a christian as you can read in “Mein Kampf”. Stalin was a fanatic orthodox christian who granted the Russian orthodox church much power which it still holds in its grasp today.
      As for North Korea study the legends about Kim Jong Un and his father and grandfather. There are rediculous stories about unicorns, super-human powers and abilities and miracles. You’ll see that the “beloved leader” is regarded a celestial being.
      If you want to be part of the discussion you should do your homework. But I guess you prefer trolling and bragging with your lack of knowlege.

    • lol, my neighbor’s kid knows someone whose sister read a bible passage out loud and now they are all stinking papists and probable serial murderers. Anti-religion is your religion whether you want to admit it.

      But hey, let’s tear up the magna carta (because the church, a pope and bishops were partly involved) and the US constitution because they were written by people with religious views. lol.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter February 25, 2019

      It’s no religion. Atheism is the absence of religion. The absence of something can’t be something by definition. I don’t think about religion all the time. Only when I or another atheist gets attacked by theists. I don’t want to murder anyone. But I can see that there is a growing religious urge in yourself to kill me and make me silent forever in the name of your god.
      Your historical examples are flawed. Religious people or those who prentended to be were in charge in those times. Or they wouldn’t even been allowed to live. So it’s no surprise their names are under these documents. Also a long time clerics had the monopoly of the written word so no one could challenge the church’s claim to power.
      As for the U.S. constitution it was meant much more secular. Something the government violates every day. In fact the United States are partially under control of christian extremists.

    • lol, you’re such a funny hypocrite.

    • *lol* religious nut tantrum 101

    • lol, “religious nut tantrum. ” You are wrong on so many levels. But then again I’m sure you’re used to hearing that.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter February 26, 2019

      Congratulation, Haha. You won the discussion. … In your mind. As long as you have the last word (usually an insult), right?

    • The trolls always win. In their imagination.

  6. Ironically, genetically modified foods created by science have been pathologically and hysterically fought against by people almost to the point of religious fervor.

    • Your whataboutism is really bad on this one. Protest against genetically modified food isn’t a religion.
      No woman wants to marry you. Is that a religious movement too?

    • Avoiding the issue of the anti-science behavior of the anti-gmo position then resorting to ad hominem attacks. Classic.

    • If you think anti-gen-food is anti-science per se you are much more stupid than I suspected.

  7. To “The Old Man on The Mountain etc.” Are you an atheist? Do you consider yourself a moral person? If so, then to what end do you deride someone’s belief? Just to get someone “pissed up about this?” Seems that you bolster your self image of superiority by picking at someone else’s supposed inferiority. Come down from the mountain and join humanity.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter February 25, 2019

      Maybe his post is just a reaction to centuries of atheists being called unmoral, derided on, hunted down, pissed on, being thrown in the fire by bolstered superior humanitarian belivers who picked on those who didn’t want to join their club of (perverted) love.

  8. Ninkompoop taxi February 25, 2019

    So, what does De nada mean? – something to do with gonads?

    • “You are welcome.” It is called politness. They don’t teach that at your home, do they?

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