Thank You, Jesus, For This Food!


This is pretty much what Thanksgiving is all about.


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  1. Hypocrit Christians would never thank Jesus. Because they are also treacherous conservatives.

    • You sound misguided, let me show you the way.
      Cash, debit or credit cards only.

    • Look who knows so much! I don’t see atheists on the march, prepping to shoot Quakers in the head.

  2. Thank you, Jesus, for building my wall.

  3. Conservative thanks to society: Wallmart freedom deaths.

  4. Thanks Jesus!

    In America we have a labor shortage and immigrants are allowed to come work picking fruit, veggies and nuts. If it weren’t for them, our food would be a lot more expensive, and it would be worse too. They’ve been helping the food industry for a very long time. Immigrants helped build the country too.

    • Most of your country is basicly immigrants. You killed the original residents.

    • Problem being the immigrants who come to pick fruit, veggies, and nuts refuse
      this work once they gain that green card making it necessary to allow more
      immigrants in to pick fruit, veggies, and nuts. This has been going on for years.

    • They have temporary seasonal fruit picking work permits. If they can earn a green card by proving they are a good working, that’s fine. We have a labor shortage, remember?

      What’s the alternative? Did you want your food to be even more expensive, or should we just not bother harvesting?

    • You food is already really bad in America so it would be even more discusting corn syrup/palmoil shit than now..

    • Solution - You’re welcome November 25, 2022

      If we kicked all the illegals out we would need as much labor to feed them.

    • LOL.

      If we kicked them all out, we’d have nobody harvesting our food, and we’d all be fighting over very expensive canned goods.

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