German Flag Explained



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  1. Hans from Germany May 18, 2018

    Not funny

  2. McViticus May 18, 2018

    And gassing jews

  3. The Good German May 18, 2018

    I don’t get it.

    • It is the American way to show how envious they are about the number of national holidays we have, how much paid holiday we have anyway, that we don’t get fired once we are ill, that we can’t get fired on short notice and so on.

    • With so much affordable social benefit this must produce a huge amount of envy in them. And envy leads to hate. [Europe: working social system without communism => America: RAGE] No wonder Drumpf hates Europe so much, aside from the Scots who blocked him from building more useless golf courts in their beautiful countryside. Maybe he has to pay to much taxes. That man is a baby. Give him free gifts and he will love you, ask for compensation of what he gets and he will nuke you. I wonder if his small hands can push that button or if someone else would have to do it for him.

  4. In fact there is a “poem” to explain the thoughts behins the colors:
    From the darkest night
    through a see of blood
    to the golden future.

  5. The Perfessor May 19, 2018

    Cold shower: OECD stats show the hardest working country is Mexico (yes, Mexico), followed by S Korea and Greece. US is ranked 13th, well above the OECD average. And Germany? Germany is ranked 35th, i.e., dead last. It’s not that Germans work harder than the Americans and all the other 34 countries — it’s that they work more intelligently.

    • Of course Mexico has to work hard. A quarter of their population are in the US.

    • German Man May 20, 2018

      I had a little look up on the list you are refering to as “hard working”. The list acctually doesn’t say anything about who works the hardest. The list you are refering to only show the number of hours spend at work and therefor is rather useless when it somes to measuring who works the hardest.

      To see who works the hardest, you need to have a look at efficiency and productivity. Looking at those 2 figures instead of hours then you will get a more reliable image of who works the hardest.

      Who works the hardest?
      The mexican who moves 10 stones from point A to Point B in 3 hours
      The german who moves 15 stones from point A to point B in 1 hour

    • @german man
      Your analysis might be too efficient for them to comprehend.

  6. Auschwitz May 20, 2018

    Arbeit Macht Frei

  7. Pistal666 May 24, 2018

    Welcome to an joke from the far away Days of Yesteryear, we’ll have one about towels out on a sunbed next. I’m not impressed with this poor level of humour and stale content. Shake a leg EL.

  8. Rockin' Bob June 3, 2018

    I’ve been to Germany a dozen times.

    I found them quite funny once you get to know them.

    They don’t open up to foreigners fast.

  9. 2018 version of the german flag, top to bottom:

    Blood from their victims.
    Lies from the government.

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