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  1. very inappropriate

  2. Men who wear sandals get what they deserve.

  3. Well, he rose _on_ the third day, not after three days. Anyway, while he was absent from his body he took some angels with him and broke open the gates of hell, set the forgiven souls held there since the death of Abel (the first person to ever die) free, and had an angel cast satan in irons and kept in hell for 1000 years. The criminal who was impaled on the torture stake alongside messiah carried his tree to the gate of Eden, where the angel guarded that gate since the time Adam and Eve were cast out. The angel saw the soul carrying the tree and knew he had to let him in, this forgiven criminal was the first soul to enter Eden since Adam and Eve were banished, but the rest of the forgiven dead soon followed. They are waiting for us and as long as there’s life there’s hope for forgiveness, wich comes from Yahshuah alone. It all started with a tree, and it all was finished on a tree.
    Hosana membrome baruchamma adonai!

    • Drunk baby April 7, 2015

      Wow. How about Goku? He died and came back 4 times. What did he do in meanwhile?

  4. Oh Josh... April 6, 2015

    Such a beautiful story. So, the Devil did not hold sway until the year A.D. 967, and upon his release in A.D. 967 all hell broke loose. Then how is it the Church was preaching against the evil of the Devil prior to A.D. 967? If he was in “lockup” he would have no influence on people, right? Help me understand…

  5. Arrogant aetheists believe us and the universe just randomly happened.

  6. Isn’t it hypocritical this site can make fun of Jesus but they won’t post comments until after some approval procedure.

    • I’m waiting for the 12th Imam or “The Prophet” funny, but I think the Landlord will be sticking with safer fare.

    • Prime Nutter April 9, 2015

      Naw mike, it just keeps the nut jobs away and allows thoughful and concise comments on the nature of humanity.

  7. Heh Jesus is so BC, Goku died more times than he did and came back even stronger. I now claim Son Goku as the Son of God. Haha

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