Men: 1948 vs. 2018



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  1. Attack Helicopter February 8, 2018

    Being a man is offensive

    • Achmed Mohammad Rodrigous February 8, 2018

      We will teach you what a man is when we come to your neighborhood.

    • Attack Helicopter February 8, 2018

      It just came to my mind Muslims are the real men of this century

  2. Ironically many people in Hollywood thought Cary Grant was a closet homosexual. He definitely crushed it with the ladies either way…

  3. The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut February 8, 2018

    Google “18th century men’s fashion” – pretty close to the later. And these men fought duel to the death.

    • static shock February 8, 2018

      Somehow your comment and the image give me a dejavu feeling

    • ObservesFromAfar February 8, 2018

      And they burn dumpsters, crap on cop cars and beat up bystanders.

    • Attack Helicopter February 8, 2018

      Good o’days. No micro aggressions, just bullets.

  4. gobsmacked scientist February 8, 2018

    Easy answer – Soviet Union collapsed. After that everyone just started to take easy, there was no longer a major reason to project toughness.

  5. I’m from Russia and we would have a lot of laugh here seeing the men dressed like the second one

  6. It’s male cis gender you ******* *******

    • If you’re going to pretend to be me, you will really need to develop a more highly attuned degree of wit.

    • Rattus buddy you don’t have any degree of wit. You have SJWness, and it makes you a ****.

    • *yawn* What? Did anyone else hears grunts emanating from under that bridge?

  7. Johnny Strabler February 8, 2018

    In ’48 we also had men dressed in jeans with the cuffs rolled up and plain white T shirts with a pack of smokes twisted in the sleeve. No hipsters though.

  8. A big contributor to the current style and fashion is too much of EatLiver’s suggestions on mens’ clothes frequently seen here. Let’s go with more cats, dogs, and street-side bar signs.

    • You may say what you want but there is no better feeling than your body in a tight leggings.

  9. Rocky Marciano(left) Vs Mike Tyson (right)

  10. More freedom, that’s what happened. In 1948, most of those who would have liked to dress up in eccentric clothes could not do it. Now they can. If you don’t think it is a good thing, you need to explain why you hate personal freedom.

    • Thank you for the rational response. I tip my toque to you.

    • If people wanted freedom they wouldn’t have voted for Trump.

    • There’s a different concept of freedom between libtards and regular people. Libtards think freedom is when everybody agrees with them or just shut up. Regular people think freedom is when you are free to do something and so is your neighbor.
      Criticizing and voting for your candidate = freedom
      Trying to shut down whom you disagree with, isn’t.

    • In the name of equality, all subjects will wear their government supplied FEMA uniform. Wearing expensive jewelry or gaudy clothing would be an insult to those who cannot afford it. Wearing dirty filthy rags would trigger waves of guilt among those that have more than they need. The gift of socialism will finally bring greatness to all peoples! The day is coming and the dream will finally be fulfilled by those of us possessing the intellect to implement it in the correct method!

    • @HRC Hail Fidel!!

  11. “Trying to shut down whom you disagree with, isn’t.” Sounds like the behavior of POTUS Asteriscus IV.

  12. Nein Ich Nailed September 30, 2018

    All of you are talking about it as if the guy on the right actually dresses like that regularly. He’s just a member of Hash House Harriers. (Look it up, it’s a great time!)

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