Bitcoin Daddy



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  1. Haha exactly the face i get when i say no a girl’s 63th request after i have very willingly done the 62

  2. this pic will be especially funny when cryptocurrencies are accepted everywhere and the first to dive in are indeed millionnaires.

    • it will be especially funny because both will be waiting a couple of weeks before the transaction completes and they really can have that drink

    • I think you got the spelling wrong its kauf Bitch

    • Kauf, don’t forget about the usurious fees to make the transaction. And the changers don’t take vapocurrency.

  3. Cryptocoins are millenials path out from the debt/liquidity problem. They just need to push forward so that old money cannot stop them.

    Now with net neutrality gone, there’s no reason old money couldn’t stymie traffic that crypto coins require to work.

    • You just achieved today’s record of how many bullcr@ps one could write per line.

    • Great work on your argumentation there Hein.

      Without net neutrality ISP’s can use deep packet inspection to slow down traffic given for crypto currencies to a point where they become unusable.

      And well yes, my phrasing on the first line should have been “Crypto coins could be millenials path…”. Sorry about that.

    • Net neutrality is blown only in the USU.
      ROW is a wee bit smarter

  4. A Really Old Guy January 25, 2018

    I think I understand the excitement over this bitcoin money. I once bit a silver dollar and broke a tooth. I was sorta excited. Don’t bite coins, it hurts!

    • I had bit a coin once thanks to that episode of spongbob
      Word of advice: it does not bend!

  5. Fake money for fake people.

  6. Ferengi Bob January 26, 2018

    If I want to by custom shoes from Iran or “Coco” (nearly 100% cocaine) butter from Peru, keep your cash at home because Mohammad and Pedro do not accept Paypal; bitcoin ‘for the rest of us’

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