I Once Dumped a Cross-Eyed Chick



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  1. Flabbergasted March 30, 2014

    What the heck happened to eatliver?

    • Capt. Obvious March 30, 2014

      Nothing. Why? Are you noticing something different on your end?

    • I’ve got the feeling someone turned it into s…

    • Nothing different at my end.

    • Sid Justice March 30, 2014

      Eatliver.com must have hired someone to tell them that they’re doing it all wrong.

  2. new layout sucks March 30, 2014

    ^^^ read the damn name

    • Oh stop crying, your attitude sucks.

    • i liked the thumbnail style so i don’t have to have a full screen view os shit i saw on reddit a week afo… **** me, right?

    • Welcome to 9Liver, or EatGag. Take your pick

  3. I totally read “your altitude sucks”. Would have been more fun.

  4. just give it some time, it’ll grow on you…. they just need to update their content quicker…. from about 12,000 pics to 10 kinda sucks at the moment

  5. funny images March 30, 2014

    Doesn’t matter, still Megan Fox

  6. Oliver Klohzoff March 30, 2014

    I can only access one page of content.
    Discontent, now.

  7. There are millions of this shitty design on the web. BRING BACK EATLIVER!

  8. FoolApril's March 30, 2014

    Old design was better.
    Now, the bar is lowered and still falling…

  9. That’s Megan Fox!

  10. what Moron made this? She would not be seeing them on the SIDE, as she is CROSS EYED and can only see CENTER! STUPID *****!

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