I’m Sometimes Classy Like That

When I pronounce croissant like "cwah-sont" at the bakery...

21 thoughts on “I’m Sometimes Classy Like That”

  1. This dude has Putin Syndrome.

  2. You mean a Putin complex.

  3. I’m afraid you won’t be able to pronounce the french R sound. It’s not a W.

  4. Easy for Germans. We use the same.

  5. The history of the them is amazing. Created so that the French could eat the crescent moon of islam everyday. French Bakers came up with it after they had driven them from their lands.

  6. You pronounce the T?? Savages!!

  7. Uhm, that were the Austrians in Vienna with their “Kipferl” after the city was under siege by the Turks.

  8. French is easy. Just don’t pronounce how it is written but as if you are drunk 24/7.

  9. Croissant is not french. Only american and japanese peoples think that. It’s austrian.

  10. I just call them turd bagels.

  11. English muffins are not English, they’re American

  12. Very true.
    Crumpets look something like an English muffin, but are by far tastier.
    Fry your crumpet, top with a fried egg, Best breakfast ever.

  13. Either way I enjoy the thought every time I eat one.

  14. I guess the hat was made in Yiwu of China, LOL

  15. @ Crumpet lover
    I assume you’re not a Brit.
    Crumpets should be toasted not fried.
    They’re full.of holes so.if you fry them they’ll soak up vast amounts of whatever fat or oil you’re frying them in.

  16. If you use too much oil or butter you’re right. Butter the crumpet sparely on one
    side only.
    Try it, you will enjoy the results.

  17. What do Brits or Americans know about food? Nothing.

  18. We know it shouldn’t bark or meow. 🐶🐱👎

  19. French fries aren’t French either.

  20. Then you have to put a stick of deep fried butter on top. Yummy! /S

  21. No, your mother just ‘moos’ the fat old cow.

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