Talented Mom Crochets Awesome Full Body Halloween Costumes For Her Kids


Every year for Halloween, talented Ohio mom Stephanie Pokorny does something special for her family. And by “something special” she means crocheting amazing Halloween costumes that require great skill and dedication. For example this scary character from the classic science fiction film Predator for her six year old son, who had just seen the film and had become obsessed with the creature:

Awesome crocheted Halloween costume.

Awesome crocheted Halloween costume.

Or this amazing bright green Ghostbusters Slimer costume that glows in the dark for her youngest child. Stephanie crocheted this costume freehand and sprayed it with luminescent paint afterwards so it actually glows in the dark:

Awesome crocheted Halloween costume.

Awesome crocheted Halloween costume.

Or how about Skeletor or Xenomorph:

Awesome crocheted Halloween costume.

Awesome crocheted Halloween costume.

Or full-body Papa Smurf costume with a cleverly designed hoodie that lets her kid to hide or reveal his face:

Awesome crocheted Halloween costume.

Stephanie recalls: “Once my son chose this Harry Potter costume, I began bringing it to life. He loved to follow along with my progress and each day he asked: Is it done yet?”

Awesome crocheted Halloween costume.

“We live in a cold climate,” Stephanie explains, “so for example the warmth from the crochet of this creepy clown costume featured below is always a plus as we go Trick or Treating.”

Awesome crocheted Halloween costume.

Last but not least: an absolutely stunning E.T. costume for her son Jack:

Awesome crocheted Halloween costume.

Each costume takes up to 40 hours to complete and Stephanie usually works on them over the course of 2 weeks.


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  1. why is she allowing a 6yo to watch a movie rated for 18+?

    • That’s not the point. The point is about the talent and skill required to make these costumes.

    • She may not have shown it to them. She could just show a picture and then if they want to look that way she makes it.

    • Americans have no problem with bestialic violence in movies and showing them to children. As long as no boobies are seen. Puritan logic. Violence is holy, sexuality is devilry.
      That’s why they kill each other.

    • And Europeans have no problem with ”bestialic” sexuality. Pervs.

      What is the body count in Chicago today? I haven’t looked lately.

    • It states in the article that the 6yo watched the film

    • Lt. Dagnabit October 15, 2019

      @Haha here’s a running total for ChiTown body count


  2. Russians ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. Would you call the clock she timed the making of the Xenomorph suit with a Giger counter… 😀

  4. Arthur Fleck, the othe IT guy. October 14, 2019

    The problem with dressing kiddy pies up as pop culture characters of evil is basement dwellers incels and trannies will get confused.

  5. Good job Stephanie Pokorny. The kids be happy with your costumes.

  6. Mr. Truffles October 15, 2019

    I thought a 6 year old would be traumatised for a long time, if they watched Predator…

    • I watched Aliens the year it came out. I was 5 years old and LOVED IT. my older brother was 10, he could not sleep for a week. But I always loved horror and sci-fi, I knew it was NOT REAL. depends on the child and how they rationalize things.

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