Chinese Use These Awkward Swimsuits To Keep Their Skin White

Sometimes they go full-blown Mexican wrestlers / Power Rangers mode. Photos by Philipp Engelhorn.

26 thoughts on “Chinese Use These Awkward Swimsuits To Keep Their Skin White”

  1. WTF???

  2. Scary!

  3. I guess it not only helps to keep you white, it also helps to keep you single.

  4. So this is acceptable and the burka is not?

  5. Most of those chicoms have a real chunk problem. Things have changed since the “cultural revolution”

  6. Leftist detected

  7. Chinese don’t care about Islam. It just us freaking paranoids with a dark colonist history, and well, presence having a problem with it as a “symbol” of the Islam culture.

    Remember pale skin was chic 150 years ago in Europe and North America, too. All the powder was used for that. Pale skin meant you did not work outdoors, or of course no work at all as the slaves and peasants did it for you.

  8. Today pale skin means you have to sit in a cubicle from dawn to dusk. Only the rich can affort some sun.
    Don’t know what orange skin means though.

  9. They look like broke Mexican wrestlers.

  10. @Effendi China does care about Islam and all other religions. It’s very controlled there.
    You seem to be a western culture hater BTW.

  11. This is just Chinese culture, zumangas about the closest. Regardless of what you think about how people look or if they are exactly like YOU or not, different cultures have different standards of beauty and yes, the often go hand in hand with societal and cultural values and historical context. That said, it’s is considered feminine and a standard of beauty. It’s once was rich folks did not have to work in the sun so it was a status symbol, similar to the earlier European art with “chunky chic” who could afford food and luxury. Now days it’s more of a fashion choice and to me seems a bit like any other fashion or cosmetic thing, it’s a personal choice. My Chinese wife had skin bleaching face masks that made me just scratch my head when she wears them, but it’s no different than mud on your face and cucumbers on your eyes for a Western chic. It helps me to remember it’s important to her and she does it to feel good, look good, and it that shows she has good self-esteem, who cares what I think, truth is I think she’s hot. Thanks for all the humor over the years Eat Liver, people and culture are WEIRD but instead of getting all wonky about it, why not chill and enjoy laugh at the world and yourself. Try a trip to China, I was the only foreigner I ever saw for 28 days in Xinxiang City. It was an eye opener, made me learn a lot about myself and I can’t wait to go back and visit Hong Kong and Shanghai. Forget what the politicians and blow hards say, virtually all the people I met were friendly, enthusiastic, interested in American Chinese politics, and full of questions about what Americans think. Contrary to my American born in ’69 education, I never felt uncomfortable or intimidated talking politics and the questions were very open and didn’t seem held back at all. Only one jerk yelled something about foreigners with Chinese women when we were holding hands in public, but it made us laugh, an old stick in the mud! I think America should have a better dialogue and relationship with China, weren’t we once allies? Also, just because they have different politics doesn’t mean the people should be judged, that’s like condemning all Americans because of what our politicians say and do. Seems to me jerrymandering in a two party system is pretty much a non-violent way of manipulating the balance of power and social control, very similar to other State system. End of rant.

  12. If only there was some type of cream that would help you avoid getting sunburned, someone should get on it.

  13. Omg you deserve an award for writing that much

  14. OZ

  15. Possibly a casting call for the next “It Came From The Deep, Monsters Abound” movie. On a somewhat more serious note, these costumes are no more strange to our eyes than some of the “art” clothing styles foisted on the young men in the clothing industry.

  16. Yeah, the art foibles take the cake. The models look demoralized…so would I.

  17. I highly doubt that.

  18. It’s not about avoiding sunburn. It’s about avoiding looking like a lowly peasant who tills the land while the sun is high in the sky. These ***** don’t want to look the part even if they are playing the part.

  19. It’s a burka; why would anyone in their right mind accept a rag that symbolizes hate, deception, hypocrisy, oppression, murder, mayhem, intolerance, etc., etc.,? .

  20. There is its called KY jelly

  21. @STFU
    You should confront a Muslim man with those views you might have a sudden change of mind

  22. I would think going swimming would be the last thing I would want to do with that on my head.

  23. looks uncomfortable and f-ing annoying to say the least. Isn’t this what sunscreen’s for?

  24. I was actually in an ESL class teaching a Chinese student when I saw these pics and the first comment ‘wtf’ and laughed out loud– while my student was reading the vocabulary task out loud to me. I quickly had to cover. Of all the places I’d love to travel in the world, China is just above Saudi Arabia and Libya (at the bottom of list), quite honestly. Hokkaido/Japan, Thailand, Malaysia– yes please!

  25. Thought they were all midget anorexics over there? Must be somewhere else.

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