Crazy Stuff Spotted on the Subway



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  1. Tastentier June 1, 2014

    Damn nature, you scary.

  2. Anonymous June 1, 2014

    I wonder how many have lost a bet

    • Non of them. Just creepy brits. Let’s hope they will leave the EU to become a new state of the US. That’s what they always wanted.

    • Snozzlebert Chesterfield June 2, 2014

      @EUro: Looks like the majority of pictures are from the US to be fair. Sadly the last one is definitley London Underground though. And the last thing we want is to be the 51st state. Screw that.

    • Totally! LOL

    • @Snozzlebert, not US, just NYC

    • @IamMe — How is NYC not in the US?

  3. mac daddy June 1, 2014

    didn know pimps ride da subway

  4. Most of these are in NY. gotta love my people

  5. Mr. Truffles June 2, 2014

    1st one is most definitely a sniper :)

  6. ZZ Bottom June 2, 2014

    Is this that “generation of idiots” Albert Einstein was talking about?

    • Those are only the visible ones. All the others wear plain clothes.

  7. Anonymous June 3, 2014

    one is on BART (the guy with the portrait of himself)

  8. The Weakest Link June 4, 2014

    I want to think they’re all heading to the same or similar parties.

  9. Ah, the rare Loch Ness Ghillie Suit, an astounding piece of cryptid lore, as are all these magnificent creatures.

  10. Idk wut to put June 26, 2014

    Im loving the batman vs darth vadar staredown man

  11. Now I know what I want for Christmas: a “slice of tomato” costume.

  12. PatronasKitty7 October 11, 2015

    Is that a fat Kristen Stewart on the 8th pic from the top?

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