Ordinary Pictures from Russian Social Networks



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  1. Russia… the reason God invented Vodka.

  2. Russians are actually quite intelligent & humoristique.

    • Yuri Anfukof December 11, 2014

      No we here in Russia like to have the good time and the parties like everyone else. Sometimes we drink and do the dancing and then at right moment we make people die. Making killing is a part of good times.

  3. Russian gurls r hawt !!!

  4. There ain’t no chairs in Russia.

  5. If vodka not answer, you ask Russian wrong question.

  6. Ursodeoxycholic acid December 10, 2014

    Judging by these and the many other such pictures of Russia I can assume that Putin is not really the president over there, David Lynch is.

  7. Sometimes Russia looks like a real life Gary’s Mod. It’s hard to link this “internet image of Russia” with amazing features like the MIR space station.

  8. The last one cracked me up XD

  9. Sir Lol-a-lot December 11, 2014

    Last picture: Fingers gone in 3…2…1… ;)

  10. EatLiver Addict December 11, 2014

    Even if I were Russian (which I am not), these pictures make no sense. Do Russians have no sensibilities, no concept of what is appropiate?

    • Heart proponent December 20, 2014

      Short answer: No.
      Long answer: A 200 ml glass of vodka is a commonly accepted aperitif. Guess what’s for desert..

  11. do you think the baby’s crying cause he ain’t got a party hat?

  12. Wow. Just… Wow…

  13. hey, I'm new here and this may sound crazy December 12, 2014

    Is this site is one of those nwo zionist anti -russian site, or this just a joke?

  14. Love the pictures! :)

  15. Not being funny but most of those photos could have been taken in my village here in England

  16. i love the one of Patrick Stewart

  17. Russia is an Adidas advertisement agency.

  18. I have fallen for the girl with the braided armpits… yum yum

  19. Russian culture…
    sun flower seeds + beer + cigarette + Adidas = Russian

    • All Gopniks are russian, but not all russians are gopniks. =___=
      I as well can assume that that all americans are fat and ugly, after seeing some random “ordinary” pics.

  20. so wrong

  21. Awful! Could be in the USA, anywhere, morons..

  22. Neva seen so many ugly freaks on one page!!!!

  23. Chuck Mountain April 27, 2015

    I want to comment…but I dont know what to say….

  24. Actually it’s all about Russia. Clear prospects for pictures shown available for those are are capable of. One needs to be accidentally born in here.

  25. Sorry,only one year latee but yeah,interesting society

  26. Hmm. That’s how we look in your eyes, then… Well, a thousand-year-long Halloween does it to you, you know. Care to visit to see for yourselves? Too chicken, eh?

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