Crazy Logic



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  1. Yep! Lefties be all dumb like that!
    RECONCILE the Left’s claims:
    1) Gay? Men after men…and Lesbian? OK! Women after women…
    2) GENDER IS AN INVENTION (“social construct”) AND DOESN’T EXIST!
    Contradictions don’t matter when you’re talking gibberish…err…I mean…A LEFTIST.

    • Other than the fact that the last pic isn’t true, why is it on Eatliver?

    • Sam, it seems Eat Liver has chosen
      to publish the occasional “political statement” cartoon/graphic
      every now and then…that’s THEIR choice.
      I don’t have a problem with that; it’s fun to lighten-up the political scene!
      It’s not so much that “the last pic”, as you say, isn’t “true”…
      …as much as the RABID, TOTALITARIAN LEFT wants to
      FORCE ALL OF US to “accept” (see: Orwell’s “1984”) that
      it is as “true” as 2 + 2 = 5.

    • Kauf Buch – they’re welcome to post political pics if the want to. Problem is, the last pic isn’t close to reality. (And gender dysphoria has nothing to do with “the radical left” – it’s purely a medical/scientific question._

    • Sorry, Sam…but you’re in DEEP DENIAL!
      It IS the Left – and the Left alone – which promotes this illness/insanity.
      That the “veil” is “medicine/science” is obvious.

    • Sir Dabulous February 8, 2017

      Gender Dysphoria has nothing to do with whether or not CHILDREN should be able to get themselves STERILIZED. Yes, Gender Dysphoria is a thing, but MAYBE YOU SHOULD WAIT UNTIL THEY’RE 18.

    • Sir Dabulous – what are you talking about?

    • The central fringe February 8, 2017

      Man? Woman? He-She? She-He?

  2. unknown origin February 7, 2017

    Wow, this is a very deep subject…this sort of thing should be debated in a proper setting, with experts from each side giving a balanced opinion…. but its on Eatliver..

  3. Mom, I can’t stop whining about stuff I don’t even understand, but social media tells me I should be outraged about.
    No Timmy, you have to pay taxes first.

    • Brian Williams February 8, 2017

      Media is only interested in ratings, not the truth or what’s good for society.

  4. What’s with this left/right whining? Is this kindergarten? Stop making things political.

  5. FakeAmerican February 8, 2017

    Mom, I want to vote Trump.
    No, Kauf Buch, you are retarded.

  6. Kids aren’t being given estrogen or surgery. Maybe if you want to get political you should at least know what you are talking about.

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