Women With Odd and Funny Eyebrows



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  2. Some of those girls are drunk, others have parkinson a lot of them have bad mirrors and a fewike to experiment with free samples.

  3. Mr Obvious August 2, 2014

    Not a single of of these girls, would I want to be seen with or in the vicinity of their company. SCARY and PATHETIC.

  4. Lewis Carrol August 2, 2014

    It’s like the annual meeting of the Pink Flamingos appreciation society.

  5. How do they come up with those patterns, and some have even outlined their lips too???

  6. NASTY, NASTY, NASTY!!! Can you say crack heads!?..

  7. Normal person August 3, 2014

    I don’t understand. Did they shave them off and think they could draw of better looking ones?

  8. Drugs, drugs, drugs, booze (drugs), drugs, drugs, drugs.

  9. When did it become socially acceptable to be morbidly obese?

  10. There are things scarier than eyebrows in these photos.

  11. Sharpie meets Shar-pei…

  12. Morbidly obese is as acceptible as long as there there is a morbidly obese person to complain the rest of us are treating it like crap yea I said it. Deal with it.

  13. these ladies are the reason burkhas were invented…

  14. Ohhhhh myyyyyyy goooood

  15. Kill it with fire.

  16. at least a few of these are mug shots

  17. Bunch of Damn Tweakers! Always have to have somthing to be picking at, (arms, face, pulling out loose rotten teeth)! Once they start picking, they can’t stop! Perfect example! Not surprised a few are mug shots!

  18. Half of those are cross-dressers or shemales…

  19. Shims… They’re all shims. No way would a normal woman do this. Only some sideways twisted transformer would think ‘This is hot’.

  20. A witch hunter August 7, 2014

    Back in my days, we will burn most of this ladies..

  21. Oh no a couple of them are women. Just don’t understand why!?!!

  22. I’m speech less

  23. Sci-fi cosplay or real sense of fashion.

  24. Wow, I just don’t understand. This has to be a joke right? Women can’t think they look beautiful and sexy with those eyebrows. Do they? SMH

  25. No they are just dumber than rocks

  26. Oh, ladies no… you look like juggalo rejects. You know it’s bad when you’re too ratcheted for ICP.

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