Vaccine Research: Who Would You Trust?


Vaccine research process.


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  1. This whole anti-vax thing is just more proof that some people aren’t smart enough to breed.

    • Adolf the national socialist June 12, 2019

      We tried to help you guys with this before.

    • Sandy Cortex democratic socialist June 12, 2019

      Adolf is right, when you vote for me and Bernie anti-vaxers will be reeducated and the stupid will be put on the Maduro diet to limit their breeding proclivities.

    • If you think nazism has anything to do with socialism and actual socialism has anything to do with the democratic party in the U.S. you are as stupid as anti-vaxers.

    • The Old Man on the Mountain Alamut June 12, 2019

      One might argue that the therm “mom” indicates they already have.

    • “ I think” clearly does not.

    • Ur-Shulgi June 17, 2019

      @Old man:
      Be still my childe, there’s more to breeding than just procreation.

  2. Common Sense Sez June 12, 2019

    All this vax/anti-vax is silly. Do it like I did. Had all the diseases when I was a kid. Lifetime immunity. Of course that was back in the dark ages when medicine was trusted.

    • Anonymous June 12, 2019

      So, basicly you are just lucky to survive.
      Not an achievement.

    • I want me a gated community girl June 13, 2019

      I thought survival of the fittest was a good thang? The good news is we have so many illegals from everywhere including Ebola countries pouring over the US southern border, that Amerikans will be forced to evolve, even those in gated communities in San Hose and Malibu . Yea!

  3. Thanks Obame

  4. Why would ground glass connection round bottom boiling flasks on cork rings be used in a very crowded biological safety cabinet for vaccine research? And with one flask not even sealed at all? Plus, who would use a probably 1 or 2 ml serological pipet with a lame squeeze bulb other than a student?

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