Craziest Mullets Ever


Photo by nonseven

Photo by zoliepup


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  1. GOP unicorn April 13, 2015

    Beautiful! God’s work at its best!

  2. Annonymous April 13, 2015

    Hitler has a mullet?

  3. Dude that gun is made out of an old VHS camcorder and some flashlights.

  4. Hey- That 1 is that angry South Pole Elf that hit me in the conference room at my Dad’s office! He is definitely on the naughty list!

  5. is the batman shirt guy Steven Addler? (former guns ‘n’ roses drummer)

    • Could be, the blond in picture 23 is certainly leadsinger Limahl of Kajagoogoo. You might know him from their hitsingle “Too Shy” or the Neverending Story motion picture titlesong.
      And I’ve got a feeling I’ve seen nr. 2 before also…

  6. Beef twerky April 14, 2015

    Lots of neckbeards there, without Fedoras.

  7. For some of these dudes, the mullet is the LEAST of their problems!

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