That Can’t Be Correct


That can't be correct...


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  1. Didn’t the orange genius predict two weeks ago that the numbers would be zero by now?

    • Just wait until everybody is dead. It’s 0 then.

    • Covid won’t stop at the white house front door. Nature is fighting back.

    • Oh, I though he meant the count of active brain cells in his head. He had achieved that within no time at all, was finished even before he had finished his sentence.

    • The Ghost of Tom Chode March 18, 2020

      @Dlanod Maybe if Nancy Pelosi hadn’t held up the funding bill for Democrat pork it would be zero right now?

    • @The Ghost of Tom Chode The Fed is about to print $700B in new money through quantitative easing and you are worried about pork in a bill?

    • Rand paul just did the same.

  2. The Corona virus is Trump’s strategy to postpone the elections and stay in office without legitimization. The virus was developed by a Trump controlled branch in the U.S. government. After declaring martial law he will not leave office voluntarily.

    • and his acting like a bungling idiot to make the problem worse is just part of a master plan! (not)

      No need for the tinfoil.

      I could see him trying something stupid to postpone the election, but I think it’s more likely we could just all sign up to vote remotely. (by mail.) I’ve been doing it for years.

    • JFK's Ghost March 18, 2020

      @T-Virus And Obama created H1N1…..prattle on with your tin foil hat conspiracies some more it is amusing.

  3. Really... πŸ€” 😱 😡 March 18, 2020

    You mean the guy presiding over the best economy, since ever, completly tanked it, and the rest of the worlds, destroying the absolute *ONLY* positive the man had, as part of some grand scheme to assure re-election against a senile geriatric?

  4. Sick TDR convention!

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