Typical God


Classic God.


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  1. The Real Anon April 2, 2020

    He’s killing people as fast as he can, what more do you want?

    • You mean like another great flood?

      This time he’s coming mostly for the old people….. OR maybe he wants to send a message to anti-vaxers and other science deniers.

    • Agnostic 2 April 2, 2020

      … OR … a message to those who still believe in the narcissist-in-chief.

    • A deadly message. Wipes them out. Good.

  2. Anonymous April 2, 2020

    Don’t forget toast. His face on toast is a miracle.

  3. Everyone who has ever drawn a breath has died or is yet to die. You can say nature is cruel or God is cruel. We have freedom of will and that still isn’t good enough for the teenage atheism is a scientific fact meme artists on the internet. They get a passive-aggressive kick out of nailing “typical God” for his typical lack of saving the good people from bad things while actively forever pardoning their own freely chosen bad behavior and thinking. They confess nothing, make counter charges.

    • You are using your freedom of will to invent a deity.

    • Religion is a perfect example of conformation bias.

      You believe in god because you remember all the good evidence because it confirms your belief. Example: ‘miracle’ of childbirth. People survive tragedy etc. etc.

      You ignore all the evidence that suggests god doesn’t exist or does exist but isn’t a nice guy. Example: War, disease and famine killing innocent people. ( There could be hundreds of thousands of dedicated Christians who will die because of a virus even though they have lived a good life and done everything right. )

      When you see silly memes or evidence against your belief, don’t use that as an excuse to hate on someone. THINK. Besides, hate is not what god would want anyway. Maybe god is tired of all the hate.

  4. Your reasons for not believing in any sort of God, William, and religion itself, Agnostic, are essentially these three: a sure belief you have against supernaturalism or God’s poor moral character as you see it…and aging sickness and ultimately death. Here in this meme it’s God not helping cure life-threatening illness. Death marches on. He’s stupid and mean. If there is a God would he have been able to create people who are more intelligent, loving, and morally superior to himself? Maybe he exists and you two, his creatures, are smarter and more caring than he is. Did nature make you guys this advanced in mind and heart, like a God would be (were there actually one)?

    • Your hypothesis — there exists some deity — can not be tested in any way. It is therefore no more than an illusion.

    • Vance, your messages are hard to understand. You have no idea what my reasons are either. William gets it.
      The religious types are the ones who claim there is any evidence of god, but they seem to ignore the evidence they don’t like. Did god make the pandemic? Think about it.

  5. Atheist fideists attempt to shake their little limp wristed fists at God here every day, then act like He’s root of the problem. A howler.

    • Atheists _never_ act like He is the root of the problem

    • Atheists and agnostics wouldn’t bother ‘shaking a fist’ at someone if they don’t even think they exist. Since he doesn’t exist, blaming him would be a waste of time too.

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