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  1. God and the doctor men adore,
    When sickness comes but not before,
    When health returns and they are righted,
    God is forgotten and the doctor slighted.

  2. God is dead, the doctors live.

  3. Thanks god! March 23, 2020

    It’s a miracle I survived that terrible disease you invented and decided to give me.


  4. But the doctor gets paid…

  5. God is evil. A megalomanian nacissist.

  6. God made the doctor, so ya THANK GOD!

    • And he made the disease! March 24, 2020

      They said in the news this weekend that it was killing someone every two minutes in Italy. There are so many sick, they are not offering ventilators to people over 60.


    • God made the doctor? I think the parents had the essential roles in that…..
      God’s plan was freewill, right? So I don’t think he gets to choose who we have sex with.

    • The religous make it up as they please.

  7. The main reason people believe/trust in atheism as true despite the readily apparent need for a real Being (or Beings working in concert) to have begun and then directed the universe’s formation out of previously no matter or energy that we know of, is our DEATH. Death is the intellectual and emotional dealbreaker. But it’s still a universe of specific complexity that we live in and it had to have a life Giver – a God(s) to begin with. Atheist memes like this one are emotional reactions to injury, sickness, and ultimately death that human and other animal creature suffer. We recoil emotionally and are angry at the unfairness because nobody who has ever drawn a first breath can escape drawing a last one.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter March 25, 2020

      Atheism is no belief. One with religious delusions wouldn’t understand. You need a clear mind to see there is no need for any gods. The craving for a higher being is due to the emotional fear of injury, sickness, and ultimately death that human and other animal creatures suffer. The void of existence and the responsibility for one’s own life is too much for many so they imagine a big friend or bad mooded uber-existence in the sky.
      As some people hoard toilet paper others hoard higher entities like gods and saints.
      Toilet paper is more usefull though.

  8. Atheism is a positive belief. It is only unbelief in various specific God concepts that the atheist have heard of….whatever all it is the atheist knows about those. The honest atheist can still imagine a God(s) exists that is NOT LIKE the existing religious worldviews’ takes on “him,” or “her” (Goddess). Instead the atheist could believe that the real God would not be like the one’s described in various religious scriptures, but instead would be like _____. Atheist indeed do want a kind sky daddy who looks after them, just like they mock theists for believing in…wanting…needing. Don’t buy the world religions’ Gods? Well, the actual God could nevertheless be ‘out there,” is different than the Bible’s, Koran’s, and more’s, and hasn’t chosen to reveal their Self directly or through prophets to mankind…at least not yet. An unknown God. The atheist fighting stance rests on one’s own self-assurance that there CANNOT be a universe creating Being(s). Nature assembled-designed itself without one(s). It is a matter of trust in a personally worked-out conclusion. And it’s emotional charged, just like the theist’s emotional conclusion. Atheism and the cessation of being when the brain dies is a metaphysical philosophy that is not coffin-testable. This side of the grave you cannot know, but rather take as an article of faith, that your very self – your present fullness as a person, is gone when the brain dies. None of us knew when we were fetal persons in the womb that we would be born. Such a transition was unforeseeable. The same can be said of an afterlife.

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