Couple Stargazing: Such a Romantic Thing To Do!


If you’re looking to spend some quality time together with your significant other, couple stargazing is the way to go. It makes even the most romantic dreams come true!

If you're looking to spend some quality time together with your significant other, couple stargazing is the way to go. It makes even the most romantic dreams come true!


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  1. News Reader March 28, 2023

    Alice Cooper and FJB when they were newlyweds?

    • Fantastic Job Biden March 30, 2023

      You should change your name to “News Maker Upper”.

  2. History buff March 28, 2023

    Comes the old saying, “Don’t be too anxious, you’re dream may come true”.

    • Anxious to know March 30, 2023

      Love these old sayings, but I need a bit of help on this one.
      Is it: two wrongs do not make a right.
      Or : two Wongs do not make a white.

  3. Why is it usually the women who what’s the guy to f+=% off?
    Asking for a friend.

    • Because women don’t like incels, I guess. Understandable. I wouldn’t either. And you are just an incel. You could change. Takes some work though.

  4. Ignore all women and society will fix itself.

    • lol. Pretty sure we tried that already. The crusades, world wars, slavery……

    • What did women have to do with any of that? Repeal the Suffrage Movement. Return to logic and reason.

    • What’s wrong with the cruzades. And if my history doesn’t fail me, world wars and slavery were solved by men.

    • And their women at the homefront. Without support and supplies from the homefront you are f…ed at the front. What do you think who made the warm coats and socks, build the warplanes and turned the grenades? You are so stupid. Do yourself a favour and just shut up.
      Once again proved you are the problem, not the ladies.

    • Incel history failure 101

    • “Repeal the Suffrage Movement.” Aw, are equal women too powerful for our little baby?

    • The Crusades (not with a z) had nothing to do with suppressing women. Would you
      lame brains do an easy check (google) before spouting off. Also slavery repressed
      both males and females, once again do a simple check. You have made yourself sound
      like an idiot.

    • He is an idiot. I just readin a paper that fish are smarter than him. That guy is a trumpist, incel and antivaxxer in personal union. Fish verify information before they act.

    • What did your mommy do to you?

    • Nature still f…ing with incels and their view of natural order.
      “It sucks to be a male anglerfish. They’re puny compared to female and incapable of surviving on their own. Immediately after hatching it latches to nearest female fusing with it for good. They lose most organs becoming a sperm banks.”
      Incels aren’t useful even for that…

    • “society will fix itself”

      Wars, slavery, and the crusades are examples of society not being fixed and men were in control. History is full of men messing things up. Society has never been fixed, but the last 50 years have been relatively peaceful and we’ve been listening to women more that whole time.

      “Wars and slavery were solved by men”…. Pretty funny take since they were started by men in the first place.

    • And many women fought against slavery.

  5. they’re checking out uranus…

  6. Do you think Trump will have the nerve to put in business expenses for fuel
    when he flies using his own airplane. Also the wine, and food.

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