Corporate Coloring and Activity Book




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  1. This is. Crap

    • Obviously, you’ve never worked for a huge corporation.

    • Always look for the union label September 20, 2014

      Wonder who comes up with this tripe.

    • LandLord be right. This is all almost 1:1 what it’s like. Apart from that the “Improved cost efficiencies” page should feature asian kids, this is all 100% correct.

    • Clearly someone has never had to deal with an entity called “Corporate Legal”. I be with LandLord on this one.

  2. I've run out of names September 21, 2014

    At least one of these is a Megadeth album cover altered to include an office environment.

  3. Occupy Wallstreet coloring book

  4. Only thing missing is the Xmas massacre where 2500+ get pinks so the CEO can buy his mistress a new fur coat and diamonds.

  5. It should be in colour by numbers i.e. 1 – your own blood.

  6. “Inbox” will stay with me for a long time.

  7. I work for a huge corporation and I can say one thing: if you have a free and powerful spirit, you are free and full of life even in hell.

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