COVID-19 Self Isolation Can Be Just As Dangerous


Mormon door to door preachers knowing everyone's home.


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  1. Luckyly enough, authorities have also prohibited al unnecessary circulation :D

  2. And here we have it. It is the first time in my life that I think the general availability of guns in the USA is an advantage. These guys are (potential) super spreaders and in the US you can shoot them once they put foot on your premises.

    You may ask why someone in Europe would bother? I live 35 kilometres only from their largest temple (and probably biggest community) in Europe, maybe even the biggest outside the USA.

    But hey, at least I can legally own a cross bow. It is just as effective as a gun (at least if they attack in couples and that is what Mormons and JWs do), but doesn’t make any reasonable sound (hence catches less attention).

    • Actually in the US you cannot shoot someone simply for being on your property. There are necessary criteria before self defense shooting is justified. Still, I’d rather have Mormons at my front door than a good number of groups.

    • Shots fired will lure the looters. MAGA

    • @Haha, since they might be spreading a dangerous disease, that surely is reason enough to shoot them, right?

    • @anteater

      Sorry, but that wouldn’t work. Not even in Texas.

    • The One Who Knocks March 18, 2020

      @HaHa In Texas from sundown to sunrise you can shoot anyone on your property. No questions asked.

  3. Do JWs count too?

  4. At least now they are easy to get rid of. “cough cough!”

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