Trump Comes Up With a New COVID-19 Cure


You just shove the install disc right up your a** and let work its magic. There you go, problem solved!


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  1. Those are big hands! If I was American, I’d vote for him.

  2. The 25th Amendment was added for morons like this one.

    • Their vice president thinks Jesus whispers into his ear to give him advice. Is that a better choice?

    • The choir boy is the lesser of two evils.

    • @EUro Are you tell me that’s not normal? Oh sh!t

    • Anonymous May 5, 2020

      Nancy Pelosi would become VP. She knows Pence can’t stand being alone with women who aren’t his wife. She’d use that to have him resign in three weeks max.

  3. One could believe he really said that. It’s not that far fetched now.

  4. Captain Trump of the Titanic April 25, 2020

    I saw that tremendous iceberg before anyone else. Totally not my fault we hit it though.

  5. I think we are being unfair here. When he suggested injecting disinfectant into people to kill the virus he was only being sarcastic. It’s always good to have a good laugh when 50K of your people have died and hundreds of thousands are infected. And to think I thought Bush was a retard.

    • SillyKiwiMan April 26, 2020

      Bush was an idiot. Drumpf is even worse!

      America, yours is a broken system. You’re the laughing stock of the entire world. To all the majority who don’t support Drumpf, it’s up to you to hold the system to account. He had three million fewer votes, and the corrupt put him in power. What you let your politicians get away with is the standard you endorse.

    • Eric the half bee April 26, 2020

      You have to remember a large percentage of those who died in the US were black. I doubt if they would be voting for Trump so obviously not his concern.

  6. JFK's Ghost April 26, 2020

    I’m voting for Trump by mail. He’s the last hope the Democrats have of relevancy.

    • U.S. needs more political parties. You are stuck in a loop of blue and red. More parties means more coalitions, more debate and more pressure on each politician to do some real sh*t in his political career except living on taxpayer money.

    • That will only work if the 18th century winner-takes-all election system is seriously revised or abolished.

    • Indeed.

  7. Trumphunter April 26, 2020

    Illinois already reported an increase on rightards poisoning themselves.

  8. I’m absolutely sure that there will be morons doing this if you see these x-ray-images about what people have shoved up their so far …

  9. Edward C. Olivares, Sr April 26, 2020

    Insane Idiots sug=ffering from severe casees of TDS, belong in insane asylums for mental treatment. The one item he mentiond seriously was UV internal into the lungs of the severely affected patients using lngyroscope with light fibers to get th UV light into the portions of the lungs infected with the Virus. That may have some merit! My father had a langyroscope with light fiber popped into his lungs through his nose to get a clear view of an Xray detected posssible mass. They dtermined there was no mass just bad Xray image! It has been determined that UV light does destroy the COVID19 Virus!

    • His father April 26, 2020

      And now I have lung cancer. *thumbsup*

    • @Edward Did your station broadcast only half the press conference?

    • You have very bad TDS. You should self examine

    • Trump was clearly not talking about going through the mouth. And he was dead serious about injecting disinfectant. He might be smart in your dreams, in real life he lags behind 95% of the country.

    • Listen to doctors, not politicians! April 27, 2020

      No doctor has endorsed UV light as a therapy.

      The procedure your dad has was to LOOK into his lungs, not cure them.

  10. Being an American is like being a step father. Most countries, “I hate you… now give me money”. And you take the money. Haha. I’ll listen to all your criticism the day your country stops taking the American workers money. But you won’t. Leeches is all you are. Biting the hand that feeds you.

    • Typical Trumpster… You’re not giving anything to anyone, your country is an armed robber and a leech. This is what empires do.

    • America’s famous generosity to the less fortunate, as exemplified by their health care for all.

  11. Thats right cafcaf. “WE” are the greatest empire to ever exist. Suck it up and take the scrapes from our table like 98% of the world.

    • No you are not; the former British empire was much greater. You are still speaking their language, or at least are trying to, but confuse scrapes and scraps.

  12. Thanks for the correction Willy. And yes, the British Empire was impressive, until WE came along. How’d that work out for you? My point is that America gives aid to 98% of the countries on earth. NATO countries only have to maintain “show” armies because we do ALL the heavy lifting. So its “defend us, give us money, protect the flow of oil, but you suck”. Do you realize how petty and small that sounds? I don’t mean to be arrogant, but show SOME gratitude.

    • Reality check April 27, 2020

      We give a tiny bit to NATO, so we can have military basses all around the planet. We get to do anything we want. If you think NATO is useless, maybe you should look at what happened during WWII. Who do you think has been prospering on all that oil anyway?

      ‘giving aide to 98%’? Hilarious. Remember that time we invaded a sovereign country to ‘liberate’ them, and then we tortured them in prisons? How dare they be ungrateful! I mean, just look at how peaceful and prosperous their country is now. Everyone there loves us, right?

      We used to have weapons inspectors in IRAN, but no longer. Now we’re just going to hit them with sanctions and trade restrictions. No worries, I’m sure they’ll be showing us some gratitude annny day now.

    • America is only giving “aid” if they can make a profit out of it. Like having military bases and trading partners around the world. You do more heavy lifting than the other NATO partners because you are the one that wants to rule the world — which is not NATO’s objective. And you are certainly not the hand that feeds us.

  13. Heavy sigh….. ok… so the American people have no more control over what our Gov does then the people in N.Korea. They hand us two crappy candidates that the two private companies, GOP/DNC, picked through campaign funding and we hold our noses and pick. We The People, just work 50 or 60 hours a week and pay local, state and federal taxes that are around 60% of our income, plus fees, etc… and we don’t get socialized medicine. Its a hard country to live in. But if we just stopped, quit policing the world and protecting NATO countries you tell me what would happen. Do you think the Chinese forgot about the opium wars? And why do you never talk about the British Empires treatment of the Irish, or the global atrocities that it inflicted on the world? Or how about how Obama holds the record for most children killed by a noble prize winner? Its just orange man bad and America sucks 24/7. ALL countries suck if you only look at the negative. Some day, America will collapse, of course, and then there will be no more free world because who’s going to protect it. Britain? Please.

    • No more free world? Yeah, the guy who is supposed to be leading the free world says a free press is the enemy of the people. He hates NATO and compliments Russia and North Korea. Think about who you are voting for.

  14. There was one reasonable but unpopular candidate and one joke, and you voted for the latter. In an ideal world, the policing would be left to the UN — unfortunately, some countries that do not uphold civil rights are in there too. Obama shares that record, zero, with many other Nobel prize winners. It is certainly not America sucks 24/7, they have done much better in the past. You know very well that the self-proclaimed genius is the dumbest and most incompetent president ever. Britain did it in 1940, they just might do it again if the EU doesn’t finally gets its act together.

  15. Well ok. You cant fix stupid.

  16. Kept hearing “The left can’t meme.” I thought, that’s a bit harsh, give them a chance.. then I saw this pathetic humorless piece of dreck. Now I understand why the left seeks to ban all the actually funny meme masters. Poor Jack over at twitter, just had to take down Carpe Donktum for being too witty & clever, it was just embarrassing everyone. Forget about covid, does extreme TDS lower your IQ along with your sun kissed leg hairs?

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