Corn Maze For Trump Supporters


Corn maze for Trump supporters.


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  1. Crooked Trump October 13, 2019

    They gonna be lost.

    • Dameon Thorn's Sister, Greta of the Corn October 14, 2019

      They are evil, I will send them to the corn field.
      How Dare They.

  2. orange overlord October 13, 2019

    it was a perfect corn maze..perfect

  3. [your hate here] October 13, 2019

    So they sold the rest of the corn for profit so they can replant next year and continue with capitalism. Sounds like a good plan.

  4. Maize…just like Warren’s family used to grow before being forced on the reservation by the white man.

    I’m waiting for her to say she is a fighter because she has a Klingon ancestor.

    • You don’t have to wait for mr Orange to say he is a ‘stable genius’ of ‘unmatched wisdom’.

    • lol, tell Pelosi to put impeachment up for a house vote and see where that lands you. Trump’s ridiculous antics are driving away the independent votes but the absurdity of the dems candidates also is driving them away. The next election is going to be interesting.

  5. ILoveBeingRight October 13, 2019

    Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren used that cornfield to play cowboys and indians until Warren got pregnant and was fired from her job. At least that’s the way Joe remembers it.

    • Or as Trump remembered it, a ‘perfect call.’

    • And, ironically, maize uses C4 carbon fixation for photosynthesis which is well suited for Ocasio-Cortez’ vision of a greatly hotter planet. Too bad Hillary hasn’t driven a vehicle in decades to be able to even have the basic skills to drive a tractor and help feed the world.

    • Joe is that old he wasn’t ‘playing’ cowboys and indians

  6. At least he did not start another dumb war

    • He did start another dumb war last week, Turkey fighting the Kurds (our allies till last week).

    • Policing the world, leading wars on a geostrategic basis and then withdraw from the “democratized” country to let corrupt politicians, despots and terrorists take over? Not sure where I’ve seen this before.

  7. Alternative Fact October 14, 2019

    Biggest corn maze ever. Much, MUCH larger than Obama’s corn maze!

  8. Everything is going to be just fine. By 2024 when President Trump leaves office the world will be a much better place. Relax. Just let it wash over you and be grateful.

    • The world will be a much better place when Trump leaves office. Can’t wait for it.

    • He won’t go 2024. By then he’ll have established a monarchy in what is today known as the USA. One of his sons will follow him on the throne.

    • Come off it Americans can’t be that stupid as to vote for him twice. Mind you they did for Bush which says a lot about Americans

    • Of course they will. US has the worst education, medical and social systems of all industrial nations. Some African countries rank higher than the US. It’s a failed state.

  9. Only 5 years to go. It’ll go fast. You’ll see.

  10. It’s actually a maze for gullible libs who really believed the “Huffer” Post “poll” that HIllary had a 98.1% chance of winning. What a bunch of dimwitted fools! They were the only ones stupid enough to believe it and all the other fake predictions. No wonder they’re pissed! They made fools of themselves and still are! Those fake polls were designed for one thing.. to discourage Trump supporters from voting because they would think he didn’t have a chance. Let the gullible libs keep believing fake “feel-good” polls..Meanwhile, they’ll keep losing the real poll that takes place in the voting booth. It’s the only one that counts!

    • All the best people October 14, 2019

      Drain the swamp!!

      Remember when Trump said he was going to hire all the best people? Guess he meant all the people who were family members or who already gave him money, and of course all the people who ended up convicted of felonies.

      Libs aren’t the only gullible ones Ida. Don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll promise that there’s a big infrastructure bill and a plan to end ObamaCare again too. Are you actually going to believe that BS again?

  11. Curses to the censors. October 14, 2019

    Florida 21

  12. Gruntled Gentleman October 15, 2019

    Corn Maze For Trump Supporters???
    Lol, hardly.
    Looks more like the case for impeachment the Democrats have made against President Trump.

    • If the cutted corn is the evidence it would fit. Trump sends his crooked lawyer to find dirt in a fake case against an opponent. Lawyer gets investigated because he is dirty in such a case. Trump involved. – Priceless.

  13. Cut it back a stalk and it would be at atheist level.

  14. 5 more years of snowflake tears!! HAHAH!!

    suck it bitches!! :)

    • So prepare for some very cold rain. You might get a cold or worse. Sooner or later the swamp will freeze over. With Swamp Thing Trump in it.

  15. Looks more like the demorats plan for America. Keep crying, we deplorables love it.

  16. Socialist cornfield under progressive democrats.

  17. Is that trump standing there by the sign? Poor lonely soul. You are all done and have no one to pardon you.

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