Confusing Logic



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  1. Let’s wait for our fellow leftists to answer that

    • They *can’t*, because…*everyone* knows islam is a religion of “peace”… (/s)

    • Because denial is easier than taking responsibility. You two should know that. You are the experts.

    • Experts in taking responsibility…that we ARE, Dat. Thanks!
      But, since YOU mention it, it’s a pity Leftists like you are addicted to denial.
      Such a sad way to live.

    • Thanks for proving my point. You are just a mess.

  2. Travis Patten August 27, 2017

    Oh great more drivel from the Russian KKK

    • Wow, “Russian KKK” makes as much sense
      as those AntiFa idiots calling themselves “anarcho communists.”
      You’re a funny guy!

  3. Travis Patten August 28, 2017

    Well I don’t know that I’m Putin funny, but I try.

  4. Travis Patten August 28, 2017

    So does the Klan offer welfare? Just curious how you knuckle dragging cousin lovers are going to survive after Grand Wizard Trump cuts your subsistence check for your chromosome challenged children. Please let me know which words are too difficult for you

  5. Travis Patten August 28, 2017

    Tick tock KKK man, where is your witty monosyllabic retort????

  6. Travis Patten August 28, 2017

    As you curl up in your safe warm bed tonight remember hundreds of thousands of Muslims are fighting ISIS. Republicans refusal to understand the difference between Sunni and Shiite is the reason herr Trump sold $100 billion+ in weapons to ISIS’ largest supplier. Your stupidity is a danger to us all.

    • Silence infidel. Convert or die.

    • Each and every Muslim is a potential isis soldier. Even if they’re not at this moment, Islam teaches to kill to protect Islam world, so all isis has to do is to convince a Muslim abroad they’re under attack, and so the brand new soldier will drive a van into crowd.
      Islam idea is evil, it’s the religion with the most number of lines explaining whom to kill, when to kill, why to kill, how to kill.
      Muslims defend themselves saying Islam teaches that for self defense, but all terrorist attack was done in “self defense” in the terrorist’s mind.

    • Luckily for the world, herr Trump’s claimed sales of $100 billion is a big lie.

  7. Travis Patten August 28, 2017

    Well you hit the Grand Wizard Trump talking points. However your continued failure to understand the Sunni Shiite war that is currently being fought is disturbing to those of us with functioning brains. Saudi Arabia, who GW Trump has extensive business deals with, supplies ISIS. GW Trump has sold $100 billion+ in arms to ISIS allies, this is TREASONOUS!!!!! Your ignorance is appalling

  8. Travis Patten August 28, 2017

    Why don’t you read a little on the Iraq sectarian civil war it might help you appear less brain damaged

  9. Travis Patten August 28, 2017

    ISIS are murderous souless monsters but conflating all Muslims with ISIS is a disingenuous as conflating all Christian’s with Klansmen such as yourself. Or more accurately conflating Jewish people with Nazis (like you). Shiite Muslims are considered infidels by ISIS deserving death

  10. Travis Patten August 28, 2017

    This really is not hard to understand, please let me know which simple concept you are struggling with. I will have a 3rd grader explain it to you. You see that’s funny because linguists have determined that is the grade level GW Trump speaks at

  11. Travis Patten August 28, 2017

    Shoot did it again….. I think I can dumb this down….. Linguists study words

  12. Travis Patten August 28, 2017

    Been an hour guys, which word are you stuck on?

  13. Islam is peaceful. It’s just coincidence 99.99% of nowadays terrorism done by Muslims. It has nothing to do with what Islam teaches.
    Indiscriminate migration of Muslims to Europe did not create terrorism events there.
    Muslim countries respect their local non-Muslim minorities.

    • Sadly, 99.99% of people reading this do not understand sarcasm….

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter August 28, 2017

      And the rest converts to catholicism. Another terrorist religion.

    • 360 no scope anti September 2, 2017

      The series of terrorism nowadays teaching us islamic faith has been nothing to do with terrorism… wait…

  14. Travis Patten August 28, 2017

    Fact 73% of all terrorist attacks in America are committed by Christian’s, no group has raped more children than Catholics, your anti Muslim bigotry is on full display, anti gay Christian crusaders, Christian KKK, westboro Baptists hate everyone including dead soldiers, Christian churches supported slavery and Jim Crow, but please tell me more about how loving Christians are toward minorities in their own country

    • Please provide references supporting your “73%” “fact”.

    • Yet despite that 73%, Islamic terrorism still kills nearly double that of other Terrorism. That does not include mass terrorism committed by Islamic terrorism.

    • And most victims are muslims.

  15. Travis Patten August 28, 2017

    I cannot help but notice that you have no response for Grand Wizard Trump selling advanced weapons to ISIS allies. Perhaps if you wish to defeat them you could prevail upon Putin to stop GW Trump from arming our enemies

    • How about Obama negotiating the sale of uranium to a known terrorist country? I assume that you consider that to be OK. Or how about Obama offering to sell $115 Billion of weaponry to Saudi Arabia, a country known to support the war in Yemen targeting civilians? Or how about Obama, winner of a Nobel Peace Prize, selling more arms during his presidency than any other president before him dating back to WW2? Our enemies were armed long before Trump took office.

    • Travis Patten August 28, 2017

      Sigh* check Snopes, the uranium mine sale does not allow export of uranium out of the u.s., nor is it weapons grade, though we do trade weapons grade uranium with Russia and have for a long time. Obama was withholding that $115 billion arms sale due to human rights violations Trump reinstated the sales and approved $240 billion more. FBI crime statistics, readily available online show terror attack stats. Ronald Reagan was our nation’s most prolific arms dealer, illegally selling to Iran, Iraq, Nicaragua, and Afghanistan Insurgents namely Osama bin Laden, which begot ISIS, everyone knows that. I am glad that a Russian troll responded though (your whataboutism gave you away, also your lack of knowledge of US history).

  16. Travis Patten August 28, 2017

    But I guess these things aren’t discussed on Fox News

  17. Travis Patten August 28, 2017

    Well this has been fun but I have to go to work now, and I’m sure you have a full day of cross burning to get to

  18. Travis Patten August 28, 2017

    I did make an incest joke but apparently the little snowflake moderator was too butt-hurt to let it go

  19. Travis Patten August 28, 2017

    What a terrible assault on my freedom of speech

  20. just try to be sensible
    Blame statement?

  21. wow, it is not confusing logic. The violence and hatred fostered towards them, is driving people into extremism. Pretty well every time the 70 year old toddler opens his mouth, another 5 are driven into the arms of the bad ones. Just like the morons push their version of imaginary friend tells them to control women bodies. The more they see their silly beliefs ridiculed , the more desperate and violent these religious nut balls of all faiths the sadder the world gets.

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