Modern Activism Is Confusing


I shared this like ten times. Why isnāt the world changing?!


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  1. You mean that making comments on social media sites doesn’t accomplish anything? Shocking!!

    • Except it is populist, racist, mysogynistic or nationalistic shit. Idiots will be ready to riot. Idiots are legion.

    • Dat: You’re right. I am fed up reading about the riots of terrorist organisations like Antifa and BLM.

    • Now, now

    • There was that one time antifa helped….oh no…that wasn’t them. Or that time BLM solved the problem of…oh what? That wasn’t them? And together they fixed the issue of crime in Chicago! Oh wait they only solved the problem of traffic moving smoothly.

      But at least there are fewer historical statues in the south!!!! Victory!!!

    • It doesn’t matter if you look at the far right or left. Both are useless. People didn’t forget the left failing. But they forgot the right f*cked up very well too. That’s why they are in charge again. To fail again. People don’t learn. People are stupid. And the few people with brains are those who suffer the most. Stupidity DOES hurt. It hurts other people.

    • The right doesn’t riot, doesn’t assault people on the street, doesn’t gun down congressmen during charity games, doesn’t attack the police, etc.
      So yeah, they’re all the same doing insane things on the street.

    • @Dat the worst stupidity is to say both sides do something when only one side does, just so you don’t need to acknowledge your side is wrongdoing.

    • @Hehe Really?
      So what happened in Germany last weekend? Rightist mob hunted foreigners on the streets.
      Weren’t Gabrielle Giffords and Jo Cox shot by rightists? They were.
      Yeah, because it’s the police and rightists obey the law. The police in every country knows their common neonazi thugs.
      Stop posting fake fairy tales, lier.

      @Tad Of course. People do that too.

    • I’ll see your rightist mobs with Earth Liberation Front or occupy anything and their numerous millions in damages. And it’s difficult to imagine Gavin Eugene Long or Micah Xavier Johnson were right wing and had quite the death toll. And these newer organized criminal antifa idiots are only going to make things worse.

      Oh yeah, Giffords shooter was quite the liberal until he went nuts and became an anarchist.

    • *rofl* “Oh yeah, Giffords shooter was quite the liberal until he went nuts and became an anarchist.” Typical rightist reaction: “Nooo, he’s not one of us. Not really. He’s one of the other guys, for sure. He lost it”
      Looks like you have go nuts to become a rightist,

    • Wrong again August 31, 2018

      As usual, you are wrong again. After liberalism drove him mad he registered as an independent though he missed some elections. But even only a month before the shooting he posted online that his dreams were of important people like Hitler, Hillary Clinton and Giffords.

      Though it is a toss up to what drove him insane: liberalism or having dreams of Hillary Clinton.

    • It would be funny if rightists weren’t that deadly for society and people. Every rightist might be a potential killer.

    • Wrong again August 31, 2018

      So all that inner city crime is committed by rightists? The Chicago shooting gallery are all republican? lol, next you will blame Trump for not sending the army to Chicago.

    • Whataboutism at its finest. Do you actually have a handbook for that?

    • Well done, Dat. Another Russian troll slain.

    • Your cowardly admission of defeat is duly noted.

    • Dat defeated you. You had no arguments left.

    • So making faulty generalizations, ignoring argument points and then accusing others of doing the same thing you have done yourself is winning to you people?

    • Just leave him be, Anonymous. He’ll always try to have the last word in order to claim he is right. It’s no use. Once such people, left or right, get entagled in their beliefs there is nearly no way out for their mind. That results in denial and ignoring all facts. It’s like a wall inside their heads. It has been described by sciene. Look it up.

    • Actually, I agree with much of your initial statements up until your diatribe against anything remotely on the right. As far as I’m concerned the far left and far right are equally horrible people. But the left groups have been getting better organized, increasing in numbers and increasing their violent mob tendencies.

      It’s been fairly well established Gifford’s shooter was mentally ill for quite some time unlike Timothy McVeigh who was simply an evil antigovernment person. Adam Lanza was quite mentally ill and shot up a school…does that make him a rightist? The Vegas shooter shot into a country music venue…does that make him a leftist?

      My concern is the left groups today like the ironically named “antifa” are preemptively ready to be violent and act like Brownshirts. Are they creating the next group of extremely violent, organized group of people intent on unilaterally enforcing their vision of their America?

    • regardless rightists are the more dangerious breed due to their political and philosophical agenda, what they lack in numbers they double in thread to democracy.

    • I just want to be loved…

  2. Mr. Truffles August 28, 2018

    I’d hit that.

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