Optimist vs. Pessimist vs. Feminist



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  1. Could you make that a little more offensive please.

  2. So, EatLiver dude – how are the MRA meetings going? Any howling with the wolves or banging of the drums lately? I hear that the Promise Keepers are always on the lookout for fresh meat – you might want to look in them.

    • Ah yes, the kill joy.

    • Did I inadvertently enter The He-Man Woman Haters Club? I didn’t see the sign. Perhaps EatLiver should politely ask his mom to make him one.

    • Perhaps YOU should simply **** OFF, rattus.

    • Oh Kauf Buch, why do I upset you so much? Do you want to talk about it?

    • The Lone Wonderer February 15, 2017

      Me thinks Kauf Buch is upset in general, he’s probably a sexually frustrated 13-year old.

    • I’d ask you to make me a sammich, rattus, but the only kind you make is Moose T*rd Pie. So, no thanks. :P

    • Oh Kaufy, Kaufy, Kaufy – you really need to work on your put downs a bit more. You need to replace the snarly quality with a patina of aloof superiority, and the words with something that more closely approximates wit. Do that and while people will still not like you, they may gain a modicum of respect.
      As a for instance, I rathet liked your Magritte link below.

  3. Not Appreciating Crap.... February 14, 2017

    You are a twit…. and a pure waste of good breathing air…..

  4. The clock is sexist, because it gives data of the hours spent working between men and women and thus debunking one part of the wage gap myth.

  5. Sorry to hear about your micropenis. So small… so small…

    • OOH! We gots us a REEEAL feminazi here, folks!
      SCARE me, why don’tcha, Zelda…show us your underarm hairs!

  6. Why isn’t that a metric clock? Dang furners.

  7. I love the smell of fuming feminists in the morning.

  8. Eat Liver: Forever Alone

  9. Really starting to think eatliver is run by a misogynistic racist. Gee…fits right in with our political climate of hate.

    • Mocking a supremacy movement that has many radicals who are delusional and paranoid has nothing to do with misogyny or racism.

    • Oh please, do explain exactly how feminists are delusional and paranoid.

    • Delusional: “Everything is racist, everything is sexist, everything is homophobic”
      Paranoid: Patriarchy, seeing Nazis everywhere, etc. It’s all adding to the divide.

    • @rattus Delusion #1 – Women are equal to men

    • So basically, feminists are the distaff version of the MRA idiots? Got it.

    • Title IX is discrimination.

    • Do you mean Title IX with respect to education or respect to the Civil Rights Act? Eh, doesn’t matter. Anyone who is opposed to either of them is morally bankrupt and beneath contempt.

    • Rattus; Feminists have shut down many MRA meetings by menace or by force. How is this not considered segregation?

    • Proportionality in athletic scholarships. Quotas. Scholarships should be awarded for merit.

    • Snappy, please cite so I can refute with honesty. Segregation – good god. Get a dictionary.
      And Grappler, not my problem you and your ilk are too insecure to watch women’s basketball.

  10. Please provide 3 or 4 atoms worth of logic to connect the clock with feminism.

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