Really Clever Tattoos



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  2. Mr. Truffles December 19, 2016

    No Regets!

  3. Bubba and Joe Bob December 19, 2016

    Me and Joe Bob go with the old school. Ya know, skulls, hearts with arrows thru’em, “mother” on a arm. Mostly we stick with them cause the tatoo artist we use ain’t a good speller

  4. I always thought people with tatoos are a failure.

  5. Maybe the No Regerts is like a clever play on spelling involving self-deprecating satire?

    • Lazier Than Thou December 19, 2016

      If it is, he’ll slowly be driven insane by trying to explain that to people when they point out the spelling mistake.

  6. I take a sweet pee every morning.

  7. Sweet pee should see a doctor. Abnormally high amounts of sugar in the urine are usually the result of high blood sugar levels. High blood sugar usually occurs in diabetes.

  8. Have seen one the other day where some German Neo-Nazi got the name of his country tattooed on his body, and misspelled it “Deutschand”. You just have to love this kind of nationalist. Make you laugh every day, until the actually get into power.

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