German Cafe Gives Customers Hats With Pool Noodles To Keep Them Apart


Turns out pool noodles work great not only on misbehaving goats but also on misbehaving humans. German cafe Café Rothe Schwerin recently restarted its business by serving the customers outside.  It also made sure to space out the tables by 1.5m (4.9 feet) to keep some distance between the customers, which is what every restaurant ought to do. However, the owner went the extra mile and came up with an ingenious idea to make sure the patrons keep their distance – pool noodles! Yup, that’s social distancing done right for you!

German social distancing hats.

German social distancing hats.

German social distancing hats.

German social distancing hats.

German social distancing hats.

German social distancing hat.

However the owner of this cafe Jacqueline Rothe clarified that this was a one-time event only for the reopening of the cafe and the guests won’t have to wear the hats regularly.


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  1. Mr Pandemic May 18, 2020

    Effective against the virus? Probably not. Ketchy? Certainly. Get a place on EatLiver? Absolutly!
    Complete waste of time and effort, and only in Germany.

    • Nicely illustrates the absurdity of managing crowds these times. No question infection rates will go up.

  2. This would be more helpful in supermarkets than in the outdoor area of a bar.

  3. Is this Sharia compliant?

  4. Anonymous May 18, 2020

    The noodles are not six feet long.

    • Anonymous May 18, 2020

      If they are 3 feet long, and the person next to you has a 3 foot long noodle, then you know you are too close if they touch.

  5. Anonymous May 18, 2020

    Glad they aren’t doing this all the time.

    Share the hats, touch the hats, touch the noodles, share the germs.

  6. I hope they disinfect those things before handing it to the next guest…..

  7. Schwerin and the whole part of the country had an extremely low COVID-19 case count, even at the height of the pandemic here in Germany. These pool noodles are just for fun, and to thematize a bit the distancing issue, nothing more. I see commenters taking them very seriously. There was very low risk of contracting the virus from sharing these hats, precisely because it is in Schwerin. It would not have been done in true hotspots.

  8. Anonymous May 25, 2020

    dosnt this just show how people are so stoopid now adays,,, maybe it is time we loose all our freedoms,,, the WHO UN flu,,, I would beat someone with the noodle if they tried to make me wear it,,,masks are stoopid enuff ! end this fake bullshit !

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