Clever Polish Vodka Ad



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  1. “Clever” ? More like inappropiate and a wannabe… I am disappoint.

  2. Russia already borders Poland.

    • This ad can’t have been made by a European. The lack of geography knowledge indicates USA.

    • douchenberger April 11, 2014

      It doesn’t – check a map next time.

    • North European April 12, 2014

      @douchenberger: You checked a map and still didn`t discover that Russia borders Poland? What did you think the Kaliningrad Oblast between Poland and Lithuania was, a separate country? Although it`s separated from the rest of Russia (probably not for much longer if you ask Putin), it`s still Russian territory, and with a big naval base like Crimea.
      @Boe: You disproved yourself, I`m afraid. Sad.

  3. BoycatcherXoX April 10, 2014

    Im dissapointed This is inapropriate and noone should be getting close to vodka its bad for you but if you want tO die by drinking too much goahead !! ;,(

  4. It’s French vodka distilled in Poland.

  5. @Boe: The lack of grammar indicates you are stupid.

    • American trolls never add to the discussion. “You are stupid” is the most they manage to type before closing the tab and grabbing another handful of cheetos.

    • I am amircan Grammar I do believe has I.

  6. qwertz you are an idiot !!!

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