Why Are You So Afraid of a Socialist Economy?


Because Americans want to walk their dogs, not eat them.


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  1. It’s funny because it’s true.

    • Actually not. What your Democrats want is just social economy. Socialist economy is something completely different.
      Yet all you Americans see is “social” and you panic. Because you are a selfish society of egomaniacs.

    • Euro learned a new phrase, social economics, and now he’s trying to impress us all again with his “knowledge”.

    • What the Democrats want are massive taxes to control the people.

    • just saying December 4, 2018

      BigR, don’t be so scared of knowledge. You may find it saves you from looking like a **** one day.

    • @Anonymous: That’s how they control the people in the ghettos: Tax them so hard that they can’t make a living, then give them money in “social programs”. Voila, control.

    • BigR debunker December 4, 2018

      Sure. And the republicans want to control you by keeping you so stupid that you believe this nonsense.

    • @ BigR debunker – There is no medication against stupidity. Only knowlege. And most of them are multiresistent.

    • The Macronster December 4, 2018

      Can I have a side of carbon tax with that.

    • @Debunk: If it’s nonsense, then please explain why, despite 50+ years of welfare, there are many families now in their third generation of living on the public dole.

    • @The Macronster Funny, the Germans have no problem with their environmental tax on fuel. The riots in France are provoked by Russian agents. Same people that made Trump your president to spread chaos in the world and destroy democracy. I bet Putin is proud of Trump. All working as planned.

    • Who’s the conspiracy theorist now?

    • We are far beyond conspiracy theories. The Moscow connections to populists in many countries have been proven. As have the money transfers through Swiss banks.

    • You are beyond conspiracy theories and into full circle-jerks. And nothing the US hasn’t been doing for decades….

    • God has abandoned you December 8, 2018

      No, you are! – No, you are! I think, you lost the argument, Haha.

  2. Like the swiss communists. https://bit.ly/2QCQ95s

  3. The goal of socialism is communism……..Vladimir Lenin

  4. Finland, Sweden, Denmark, socialist democracies which consistently rank the highest in the world for happiness in their population.

    • Because they are not socialists who seek communism. Everyone with more than 5 braincells should know by now that socialism doesn’t work. But social politics and programs do.

    • Ahmed Mohammad Gustfsson December 4, 2018

      Their woman are afraid to go out at night with out a Hijab and they are learning to speak Arabic… as they should

    • You must be rich to own a h

    • Fake Ahmed. Repeating lies won’t make them truth.

  5. JoseTheCatMan December 4, 2018

    This is a racist statement against Bernizualans. Additionally, cats taste better then dogs.

  6. Meanwhile in N Korea December 4, 2018

    Millions die of starvation

    • N. Korea is 1) stalisnistic 2) more like monarchy. What they do has not much to do with socialism or anything social at all.

    • Socialism is the first step…

    • … but you prefer crawling.

    • If it keeps the liberals from stealing my money then yes, I do

    • Instead the right steals it and keeps it for themselves. No value for society. You still get robbed.

    • Not really. I go to work, I make money, I save or spend my money, whatever I prefer. Tax mongers steal my money, use it inefficiently then want more when they can never balance a budget.

  7. artconnoiseur December 4, 2018

    What a BS. Nobody ever proposed to implement socialist economy in US. Social is NOT the same as socialism.

  8. The Lone Wonderer December 4, 2018

    The only thing that should be un-capitalistic/ socialist is healthcare.

    • They pray to god and sermon about loving your neighbour but they would let him die because he is too poor for healthcare. Because poverty is a punishment from god. Egoistic hipocrits will always find a loophole to worship their greed.

  9. Barak Obama December 7, 2018

    Our goal, as progressives, is to control your lives. We are smarter and know what is best for you. We do it for the greater good. Now, I know people will bring up times in the past when others said the same thing but ended up as dictatorial hell-holes like Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, Red China, Cuba, Venezuela, etc., but we have good intentions are are doing it for the greater good. Right?

    • These are actually fake and twisted facts.
      The only true fact is that most people are dumb as f***.

    • Mareckifromoz December 9, 2018

      Barry, you are so spot on defining progressives of all shades; communists, fascists, socialists, bourgeoisie redeeming their soul and finding cool identity, adults living in parents baseman demanding someone else will pay their bills, etc.

  10. Marecki from Oz December 9, 2018

    I’ve done 28 years in socialist country of mild “socialist” type of economy, we didn’t eat our dogs; but we were close.

    • Germany had a social market economy since the end of WWII and it worked damn well for everyone. Germany’s social capitalism is superior to every other system. It has both. Social security for everyone and you can get rich as long as you are not a lazy piece of shice. Or fail and try again.

  11. IRL do you mean East Germany ? There were two German states you know. Struggling socialist Eastern state converted to market economy of the Western, rich indeed, state as soon as they could.
    West Germany had and to some extend still have generous welfare system but Germany is a bit special; because of Germans.
    how are the things in Caracas?

    • No, I’m talking about West Germany. East Germany was a failed socialist state. But your question illustrates that many people don’t know the difference between social and socialist.

  12. Mareckifromoz December 9, 2018

    IRL Caracas is a capital city of Venezuela; if it helps…:)

    • I know where Caracas is. It doesn’t matter. All you tell us is you are able to use Google Maps. Good boy! Well done! Here’s a cookie.

    • IRL Venezuela is a great example of “Social economy” bringing economic collapse.
      Dogs are not as safe as they used to be in Caracas.
      But of course you don’t care and desperately wish that someone else will pay your bills.
      Still living in parents basement?

    • Venezuela is a good example of “socialist economy.” You numbnuts still don’t get the difference. Even school children understand this.

  13. depression of early 1900s ? hmmmm only a imbecile trump would make such a comment or analogy

  14. Anonymous May 7, 2021

    Americans lose their jobs because corporations lay them off when they move their operations overseas. Then many poor Americans go hungry because they make sure their pets are fed first. Sure, they could send the dog to the animal shelter, but that furry bundle of joy may be the only thing that gets them out of the bed each morning. The system we have in place fails so many of us, I think it’s time we tried something different

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