Orthodox Priests Are Like Rappers



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  1. A nutter is a nutter. No matter if he prays to an invisible fantasy character above his head or if he thinks rap is music.

    • Spoolworth July 4, 2016

      Read some books, Xerxes.

    • Oh, I can and I do. I read more than one book. Religious nutters only read their holy book. All other books are evil for them. And rappers can’t read at all. That’s why they have to memorize the texts as rhymes.

    • Read some books, Spoolworth. Not “a Book”. Some books. (Preferably ones not allegedly written by magic sky fairies.)

    • PatronasKitty7 July 5, 2016

      Books <3

    • Salzigtal July 8, 2016

      Illiterates have an excuse for their ignorance. Monoliterates (Religious nutters) (Bible, I Ching, Koran, Tanakh, Urantia et alia) have only themselves to blame.

  2. Cats > Rappers > Orthodox Priests

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