Boo! Stop Living In a Fairy Tale!




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  1. Meanwhile, here’s how it works in reality, for the particular type of nutcase Christian that fantasizes this comic is realistic:

    Nutcase: “Hey, I’ve got an idea. Let’s strip basic human rights from gays and trans people and anyone I don’t like.”

    Society: “No.”


  2. Just remembered this lovely kitty:

    Good for meow!

  3. I’m do not hate myself for being a white male.

  4. “I identify as a christian” == “I choose to be an *******”

  5. Esteban Bastone March 11, 2018

    Harsh! :)

  6. Loud & Proud March 11, 2018

    Straight white cisgender male and proud of it.

    • You’re the reason the world is such a bad place

    • If you’re going to attempt to mimic me I do wish you would do me the favour of not making your comments so simplistic.

    • All of your comments are simplistic drivel.

    • @Temp2
      Lol so true

    • While the sentiments may be simplistic drivel, the language tends to be somewhat more complex than you idiots are capable of aping. And I do mean aping, you dimwitted simians

  7. It’s nice when the post is criticizing something and all the libs in the comment section confirmed the critics were true :D

    • Well, yes. It could be any religion, though – they’re all problematic. And self-identity only causes problems for the self-identifiers in the form of abuse from the religious and RWNJs. The are otherwise harmless.

    • Because self-identify on something you’re not is the most sane thing one could do

    • Sane or not, that’s up for debate, but they are harmless. Religion, on the other hand, causes an enormous amount of damage.

  8. I wish people on this site would self-identify with their own unique usernames. Instead of impersonating others.

    On that note, Cats > Polarizing Comics.

    • OTOH I think it’s funny impersonating people. I’ll start doing that myself.

  9. Everyone shut up!

  10. I am male, white, heterosexual, Christian, hard worker, clean, shaved, slim, tall and meat eater. What else can i do, to annoy you more.

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