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  1. I’ve heard that clouds are replacing computers nowadays… so the problem is real – clouds slowly are taking over the world! They want to destroy humans!

  2. This makes me angry. Those idiots are more dangerous than some stripes of water vapor behind planes.
    See, kids? That’s what you become when not attending school.
    Even WWII prop enginge footage shows “chemtrails”. There is no mystery behind it. It’s just physics and chemistry. Many trails on humid days, less on dry days. The dry air can contain more vapor. Different heights, different conditions. Since the days planes fly hight they leave trails.
    No one is pouring magical chems on your empty heads.
    Looks at those morons on the photo. They are wearing masks ’cause they are so afraid. But no one cared to give the little one a mask. Unfit parents. Unfit humans.

    • You work for THEM!

    • Of course I do. So all my arguments are invalid. Conspiracies are like religions.

    • Bubba and Joe Bob March 6, 2016

      Hey, me and Joe Bob went to school long enough to know EUro is right. Common ordinary physics is at work with contrails. Condensation Trails are a combination of water (primary ingredient) and some small amount of exhaust gases. Water vapor can be “knocked” loose from the air by heat (a product of combustion in the engine) and rapid movement of air molecuels being displaced (in effect “bitch-slapping” the water out of the air). Don’t you city people know nothing?

    • These are dust mask, insignifiant protection versus gas. ..dumb *****

  3. Dude doesn’t even get a breath mask for his kid?!…..Some father!

  4. Conspiracies I’ve read/seen/heard: Earth is actually hollow with a civilization living inside and the entrance is in the north pole, the moon is not real-just a hologram, Obama’s parents put an ad in a Hawaii newspaper for his birth and lodged a fake and complete US birth certificate even though he was born in Kenya so that 45 years later he could run as president of the US, Jade Helm 15 wasn’t a training exercise but a plot by Obama to conquer the southern states(which are already a part of the US…) and take away people’s guns by force, the Muslim Brotherhood controls the US, the UN (which the US is arguably the biggest, most powerful and most influential member of) wants to force people into “hobbit homes” and ban golf courses through agenda 21, roughly 600 to 900 AD never occurred and those ~300 years were inserted into history and ALL documents/people from/pertaining to those years are fake, Jews engineered the holocost on themselves.

    • Seems legit

    • PatronasKitty7 March 6, 2016

      The earth is also flat, because Columbus (Remember him, the Indian murderer and the explorer who discovered Our Patriotic Land Of Freedom And Fat People?) was right, and there’s even a website to prove it!!! (

    • Globally I push this flatteness

  5. PatronasKitty7 March 6, 2016

    Has no one noticed the fact that there is a mask on everyone except the baby?

  6. The reason that the whole ‘chemtrail’ hoax is being perpetrated is to draw attention away from the fact that with the ever increasing amount of jet travel, burning jet fuel and the exhaust and heat that it dumps into the atmosphere is becoming an environmental hazard, and a possible driver of changing weather patterns, and if people were aware of it, they would start calling for regulations, and oil companies would take a hit in the ol’ pocketbook. classic misinformation to keep the fringe gnashing and wailing, while the norms who could actually effect change stay blissfully unawares.
    I have personally seen days when the persistent contrails(going north to south/south to north, perpendicular to the jet stream) did end up creating a cloud cover in an otherwise clear sky. Seems like this has to have some residual effect on weather patterns.

    • PatronasKitty7 March 10, 2016

      Because cheese.

    • I read an article in the late 90s by a physicist who said “Global Warming? Easily fixed by running all commercial airliners and high altitude military jets at extra rich fuel mixtures so that they leave twice as much fine particulates floating at or above 30000 feet to reflect the solar light and heat back into space.” Probably a coincidence that 1998 was the last year of linearly progressive warmer temps with satellite and ground station measurements roughly in agreement…

  7. aviation fuel is not unleaded.

  8. This is America – jumping from one offended party to the next.
    Never mind that 19T we owe.

    • most of it we owe to ourselves. so it doesn’t even really exist.

    • End the Fed, cancel the debt, return the money supply control to the Treasury Dept., problem solved. Federal Reserve (neither Federal or a Reserve, huh?) is of the Bankers, by the Bankers and For the Bankers. All banks should run like credit unions, why should they make huge profits off the back of consumers, workers and business just because they handle the money and facilitate transactions?

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