Trump’s Presidential Checklist



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  1. No Stat Quo March 31, 2017

    Hillary’s checklist: lie, cheat, steal. No wonder she lost to the obnoxious blowhard. He should go after her and 0bama with endless investigations like they are doing.

  2. Unknown origin March 31, 2017

    This list could be used for every politician that has ever run a country.

    • This list could be used for every politician, period.

    • yearighturightwingers March 31, 2017

      Keep telling yourself that Trump is just like all the others, just a few months after you voted for the guy because he was so different from all the others. He’s an imbecile and you made him president. He’s stupid and barely literate, he’s giving jobs to his entire family and their spouses, he fuckin lazy and apparently completely incompetent and is about to ruin the efforts and achievements Obama left him. All he can do is giving stupid rednecks a boner. Comparing the sins of Obama and HRC with him is like comparing your 5 year old son eating candy after brushing the teeth to Charles Manson. Only good thing is that it will hit you angry white men first and hardest. Ha ha.

    • “All he can do is giving stupid rednecks a boner.” Thats not true, the number one thing he is absolutely the best at, i would almost call it his primary function before being the president, is making social justice warriors loose their tiny minds every time he appears on tv. He doesn’t even have to do or say anything before the “tolerant” liberals wants to kill him, but they can’t. Watching that scenario, knowing that they just have to take it for 4 more years before they (maybe) get a new president, is just a gift that keeps on giving:)

    • mcdaddy, why on earth would you expect someone who is generally tolerant to tolerate absolutely everything? I’m personally good with everyone’s differences except for bigots. Bigots can go fuck themselves. They can fuck themselves to death. I certainly don’t want them having their hands on anything that affects the lives of anyone other than other bigots.

    • I love how you people always first confirm, then emphasizes the accusations made about you. At least you’re consistent.

    • mcdaddy, because we won’t tolerate assholes? Where is the benefit to tolerating assholes? You RWNJs are all about personal benefit – you should approve of our lack of tolerance for your lot.

    • Nope, because you only tolerate others if they have the same opinion as you. When you win “it’s clearly because you were right”, when you loose “it’s because everyone else is a fascist/redneck/bigot/racist and nazis who rigged the election and needs to get beaten up or killed!!!” which some of you even scream out while calling yourself “anti-fascists”, which is just the joke of the century.
      You’re like mentally retarded children indoctrinated with marxism and trigger-warnings in your campus safe-spaces, leaving you completely incapable of accepting anything other than your own mindless opinions, and you’re not cute anymore. Trumps not perfect, far from it. But if you guys represent the alternative, there is no alternative.

    • Gimme Dat Bait April 4, 2017

      McDaddy, we’ll have to wait and see how Trump will react if anything he tries is successful, as it didn’t happen yet. Even after “winning” the election, he was complaining about whatnot. But we surely have learned how he’s reacting to not winning: everyones fault but his. I know, he’s just screwing up MAJOR time because of all the leftists hating on himl, makes sense. I mean someone can’t get shit done while owning congress AND senate at the same time? How is that even possible? That is his real super power: screwing up something that should run by itself. But then – he even managed to go bancrupt with two casinos, which – like his tan and hair – is a cosmic anomaly.

  3. Hell Toupee March 31, 2017

    “Repeat Obamacare”?

    • He meant to write repeal. You know little Donald is struggling with his spelling abilities. Don’t be so hard on him.
      but then: here’s a baseball bat, be as hard with it as you can.

  4. I voted not for him, but against Hillary. This list seems legit, and I am still glad Nixon’t grandmother lost.

    • That is why Trump won. A LOT of people voted AGAINST Clinton.

    • The truth is many rather prefered a pussygrabber with small hands over a woman with experience in office. Clinton lost because she is a woman. Those “crooked” charges are just smokescreens.

  5. Demosthenes March 31, 2017

    Trump’s actual agenda–
    Be the center of attention: Check
    Maximize viewers of his “show”: Check
    Increase wealth of self, family and friends at US expense: Check

  6. Fake poIIs didn’t work, fake news didn’t work, giving debate questions to Hillary didn’t work, K ///K //K – U S A didn’t work, the recount didn’t work, p//us//sy gate didn’t work, peeeeeee-peeeee gate didn’t work, street riots didn’t work, Chucky tears didn’t work, witches praying to deviI didn’t work, angry Baldwin didn’t work, smear Melania didn’t work, smear Barron didn’t work, bankrupt Ivanka didn’t work, threatening Flynn isn’t working. And now Putin hasn’t worked at all. The Dems must be getting really exhausted and desperate LOL

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