Latest Internet Trend: Dads Stacking Cereal On Their Babies


#CheerioChallenge is the latest internet trend right now – dads everywhere are taking the daddest challenge ever – trying to stack as many cereal on their asleep babies as possible.


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  1. Isn’t the last one considered cheating?

  2. Ugly little humans.

  3. i call shenanigans on #4. no way he could stack it that high.

  4. Considering how people spend their spare time nowadays, I wonder how our ancestors ever climbed down from the trees, how language was found and writing, how we managed to build great buildings such as thy Egyptian pyramids or found the steam engine. But one thing’s for sure: we are on our way back unto the trees.

    • The old man on the mountain June 20, 2016

      What do you mean with “…found the steam engine…”? Hey look! There is a steam engine lying around just over there! Cool, I always wanted one!
      And yes I am on my way under the trees this evening because I am going for a pick-nick in the park.
      And finally – some people spend their spare time writing negative comments about dads who need a bit of fun because their offspring keeps them awake all night. Keep on going guys!

    • Ah, sorry, I’m not a native speaker and made the silly mistake to simply translate the word from my language. I meant “invented”.

  5. Respect would be a nice start to life, instead of this SHITE…..

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