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Someone commented that Donald Trump stands like a centaur without its hind legs, and now I can't unsee it.


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  1. A way to hide the HUUUGE gut.

  2. In Germany we call this posture “Entenarsch”. – “Duck’s butt.”

  3. The truth is his backside is still sore from servicing Putin

  4. It’s the lifts in his shoes that pitches him forward.

  5. You’d look like that too if you were forced to wear heavy-duty bullet proof vests to protect yourself form “tolerant” lib-tards. They are very “tolerant”, unless you you know how to use your own brain and think for yourself. I hope they solve all the world’s problems while they are still young enough to know everything!

    • The republicans will be queueing up to have a shot at him once they realize they haven been fooled for several years by this conman.

    • history has shown October 27, 2019

      and everyone knows it’s nra-nazi rightards shooting at presidents.

    • Trudeau does not seem to need one of these vests. Maybe not being a complete a-hole makes people not wanting to kill a person?

    • To use Donald's own words, October 28, 2019

      His followers should see how he dies, like a dog, like a coward, whimpering, screaming and crying.

  6. The Nose on Your Face October 27, 2019

    0bama only bowed.

    • The Ear on the Side of Your Head October 27, 2019

      Republicans can’t bow because of the stick in their b*tt.

  7. Vox Innocuous October 29, 2019

    That’s actually pretty interesting. I’m surprised he doesn’t fall over more than Gerald Ford. Maybe he has a spinal problem?

  8. Trudeau probably WISHED he’d only bowed

  9. Wearing lifts in his shoes will do that.

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