Cats Who Don’t Understand Walls



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  1. What if cats are the only ones who completely understand walls?

    • Trollolol June 24, 2014

      Not the only ones. I’ve seen a similar picture with humans in Jerusalem.

  2. They don’t understand the walls, but their understanding goes beyond those walls.

  3. they prolly either see thru walls or can hear what the walls are sayin :D

  4. Anonymous June 16, 2014

    They find the walls more interesting than you…

  5. Fact is cats can see through walls and doors. Yes, they can see you *******.

  6. I Hate Cat Pictures June 16, 2014

    *finds some rope*
    *stands on chair positioned in middle of room*
    *ties one end of rope around ceiling fan*
    *ties a noose on the other end*
    *puts noose around my neck*
    *kicks chair out from under me*

  7. If the cats turned around they would see their owner, and they just want to look at something that isn’t stupid.

    • Peter File June 17, 2014

      My thought exactly. It’s not they don’t understand walls, just hate to see your ugly camera pointing mug.

  8. All the specimens (with wall problem) are well fed, or may be neutered?

  9. Anonymous June 17, 2014

    It’s actually a neurological problem, not funny at all. Take them to the vet.

    • And what’s the vet supposed to do? Put them on psychiatric drugs?

  10. They just dont have the concept of Two Dimension :D

  11. Anonymous June 19, 2014

    FYI those cats can be sick.

  12. amomynous June 26, 2014

    Those cats actually have a problem… too much pressure in the brain, pressing on the wall eases it.

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