Cats vs. Dogs



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  1. I can’t smell cancer but I can crap in a bowl. I must be a cat person.

  2. Cats know to crap in a box. You just show them where it is.

  3. Cats have better sense of smell than dogs (except blood hound). The thing is, they don’t really care. You may even think you’ve trained your cat to crap in a box, but the reality is that your cat trained you to clean up its crap out of that box.

  4. Yes. A dog can be trained to that. There’s also countless things a cat can be trained to, but if we look at what they already can, without any training from humans, do the cat already have a big point, just in the purring. A cat’s purring can help on a lot of things, both lowering stress, help bones heal, the human have 40% chance of getting a heart attack, and helps infecitons heal

    • **** i meant 40% chance of NOT getting a heart attack

    • samuraipizzacat August 5, 2015

      little known fact – cats can adjust their purring to your heartbeat and stop it when they feel like it.

    • Is that before or after they give you brain worms?

  5. One buries its excrement, the other eats it.

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