Indisputable Proof That Cats Are Actually Liquid



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  1. This is my calling see you guys soon I won’t be commenting anymore
    Wish you all well, and see you all around

    With love Catman
    And always remember

    • See ya CatMan lol will miss the
      > Symbol

    • Noooo ..don’t go!

    • You should learn to capitalize the M in my name, should you want to impersonate me.

      But regardless, I agree:

      Cats > Everything else

  2. Feline liquid disgusting

  3. It’s been a while how are we all doing

  4. Pepe > Cat > Rattus

    • TEMPNAME2 March 9, 2018

      Who is this Rattus whom you hold in such low regard?

    • Allow me
      Tech man>kauf buch>hein>>algae>Rattus>Fat

    • Dat not fat :-(

    • Cats > Original Posters > Feces > Namestealers/Impersonators.

      Although… Flattus was fun. Who ever came up with that name can be proud (I know who it was btw)

    • I am going to agree about Flattus, but primarily because I’ve used it myself a time or two on sites where Rattus was already taken.

    • Catman + tempname* + techman = same dungeon trolling rat

    • It’s me, Zelda

    • It’s a me! Mario!

  5. What if….. Hein and Rattus are the same person, just trolling everybody…

  6. Classic Tennis Racket Man March 10, 2018

    Pic 8; I am envious of the clean gutters.

  7. Is it ok if I eat liver?

  8. 30 comments about cats! EatLiver should thank the catlovers and the cats.

    Cats = Revenue. Revenue > Debt.

    Imposters on the other hand, doesn’t create traffic. Only grief and some extra air exhaling through the nose, occasionally.

    • More like
      Catman= large number of comment from one person

    • You forgot the “s” in comments
      I’m a cat snatch grammar nazi

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