Cats With a Serious Catnip Addiction



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  1. Now we know what a Denver Pot shop looks like.

  2. I Hate Cat Pictures October 27, 2014

    These pictures are so frickin’ wonderful!

  3. Very fantastic

  4. So many different animals love to trip balls, lol.
    There’s cats and catnip, there’s bears, squirrels, monkeys, elephants and bees who get wasted by eating the fermented fruit or tree sap, horses and locoweed, bighorn sheep and the narcotic lichen, reindeer on magic mushrooms, lemurs and their hallucinogenic millipedes. Those are the real party animals.

  5. The cat in the first pic has cilantro, not catnip. Others just show cats outside sitting in mint plants. This is mostly dumb.

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