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  1. Should be Jimmy Carter, not Bush

    • True, but many readers aren’t old enough to have experienced Carter.
      Considering the media pummelling GWB got, it’s nice to see these….

    • That peanut farmer? You kids are too young to remember James Buchanan. Who? The guy who was Pres before Honest Abe. The guy who twiddle his thumbs in the Oval Office while the country was tearing itself apart a the onset of the Civil War. Worst president ever. How come they don’t teach this in history class in the US? No wonder our education system is the laughing stock of the free world.

    • Look up ‘Guinea worm’, see just how revolting and horrible it is, and then note that in 1986 there were 3,500,000 cases a year, and now, thanks to Jimmy Carter, the total for 2016 is 0,000,019. So Mr. Carter was useful after all :)

    • Oh noes!! We have to do something to prevent the extinction of Guinea worms!! Yet another result of global warming!!! Social justice warriors unite!! Save the worms!! Save diversity!!

  2. well, this works a lot as giving Obama the pee nobel price: See what the guy is going to do.

    • making fun of GWB
      discussing worst presidents
      undetected typo at the right place, priceless.

  3. Jimmy Carter has been off the hook since Obama was sworn in. Bush was kinda OK for a war mongering liberal.

  4. Harding probably matched George W.’s poor intelligence and managed to be even more corrupt, but the US lucked out when he died after only 2 years in office. In such a short time he had no chance to be as destructive to either his country or the world as what Dubya managed in his 8 years in office, so George W. clearly is the current champion.
    Luckily for George though (and the opposite for almost everyone else), he is likely to be overshadowed next year by the Trumpanzee. His bloated ego, combined with the intelligence and concentration span of a goldfish, probably means that the White House (and much more) will be hit by the perfect storm. He’ll most likely be bored after about five minutes and leave everything to the ultra right wing morons he chose for his government, so they will have free reign to do as much damage as they can. The next president will have one hell of a rebuild job. I have never been so happy that I’m not living in the USA.

    • The Good German December 30, 2016

      Sounds legit.

    • Nunya Biznezz December 30, 2016

      Even IF Trump turns out to be horrible, we still dodged a bullet with Hillary. I figure, Trump will get in, make a fool out of himself, be out in 4 years and then the dems will have to nominate someone OTHER than Hitlery and take back the white house. Hopefully Trump will immediately get rid of Obama Care though. It is TERRIBLE.

    • God of a lesser past December 30, 2016

      There won’t be a White House in 4 years… Sold to a russian oligarch.

    • Pretty clear you’re not living in the U.S. O Hussein gutted it best he could. This is how people can now say GW was better. Just one, short, cursory look at Hussein. (I though muzzies didn’t squander trillions of dollars.)

  5. Um no, Bush the Younger has a long way to go if he wants to equal the Chennault Kissinger Nixon Thieu Treason of Q4 1968.

  6. Love seeing the Trumplerjugend trying to defend the Pig In Chief before he’s even sworn in. They’ll be happy just as long as the ethnic minorities get whats coming to them, even when The Pig’s policies come into effect and they’re left with no healthcare, no job, no home, no savings, only gnawing on rats from the local landfill to survive.

  7. Bush’s Final Approval Rating: 22 Percent. Obama current approval rating 55 percent. Well over twice what “W” had.

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