Have You Ever Noticed How Funny Bumblebee Butts Are?



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  1. I think I might have grown too old.

    Cat Reposts > Beehinds

  2. Goober the Not So Funny These Days May 8, 2018

    No Actually. WTF?????

  3. irshadfazsl May 8, 2018

    better than some human butts

  4. zeldathewelder May 8, 2018

    I don’t get this. What’s funny about them?

  5. Beephillic May 8, 2018


  6. Shake that bee booty, you sweet li’l buzzer.

  7. alex76gr May 9, 2018

    How is this funny?

  8. Ok so if one needed an example for the meaning of “unfunny” or “lame”, then this would be a good one.

  9. “Have You Ever Noticed How Funny Bumblebee Butts Are?”

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