Using IE to Download Chrome…



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  1. IE is already dead. It’s called Edge now. Hey – where’d my RAM go?

    • The Lone Wonderer April 26, 2017

      Indeed, personally I still use Chrome mainly because of the theme (dark because energy stuffs), but the new Edge browser seems to be WAY lighter on my systems, especially the HTPC one. That thing can’t run 1080p60 on YouTube for some reason with Chrome, but with Edge it manages beautifully. Trust me, I tried all Chrome’s solutions and just switching appears to be easier…

  2. Link Disambiguation April 26, 2017

    OK, IE, listen closely. Whenever chrome tries to pull that trigger, a big pop-up window will jump in his way, with a magnified picture of that gun, to make absolutely sure that was the trigger he wanted to pull. It will totally frustrate his every action, giving you the chance to slip away.

  3. Prince Leo April 26, 2017

    It always runs on the Edge of your RAM

  4. Exit node #US April 26, 2017

    TOR proxied Firefox for blogging, trolling, porn and EatLiver. IE for Pandora, Chrome for reputable stuff.

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